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The Windows Azure Platform[2] is a Microsoft cloud platform used to build, host and scale web applications through Microsoft data centers. Windows Azure Platform is thus classified as platform as a service and forms part of Microsoft’s cloud computing strategy, along with their software as a service offering, Microsoft Online Services. The platform consists of various on-demand services hosted in Microsoft data centers and commoditized through three product brands. These are Windows Azure[3] (an operating system providing scalable compute and storage facilities), SQL Azure (a cloud-based, scale-out version of SQL Server) and Windows Azure AppFabric (a collection of services supporting applications both in the cloud and on premise).

Moving to Windows Azure

Build 2011: Windows Azure Tackles the ‘One True Login’ Puzzle

Microsoft to eat its own cloud dog food with Photosynth

Command-Query Separation on Windows Azure

How to Manage Expiration of Blob Content

Windows Azure Design Patterns, Part 1: Architectural Symbols

Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles Version 1.1

Running Processes in Windows Azure

pekkah / AzureSamples

Exercise 1: Using Worker Role External Endpoints

Building Web APIs in Windows Azure with WCF to reach any device

pofallon / node-azure
A node.js library for accessing the Windows Azure REST API’s

Introducing Geo-replication for Windows Azure Storage

Windows Azure Tables: Introducing Upsert and Query Projection

Windows Azure Blobs: Improved HTTP Headers for Resume on Download and a Change in If-Match Conditions

CloudCopy Command Line Tool

Windows Azure Toolkits for Devices – Now With Android!

Microsoft rolls out Windows Azure toolkit for Android

Windows Azure SDK for PHP

Azure Tip: Consider Remote Desktop when Planning Role Endpoints

Memcached in Windows Azure

NodeJS on Windows Azure

Using Windows Azure to use as a TCP Server

Windows Azure Tip: Go Beyond 5 Endpoints per Role, beyond 25 per Deployment

Lightweight Tracing to Windows Azure Tables

Using ELMAH in Windows Azure with Table Storage

Windows Phone 7 Push Notification QuickApp / Web Service (With Azure Publishing Instructions!)–Web-Service-With-Azure-Publishing-Instructions

Various Options to Manage Session State in Windows Azure

Windows Azure & WF 4.0 – Creating a Workflow-Driven WorkerRole

Microsoft announced Windows Azure Storage Analytics

Azure Cloud to Capture RenderMan

igrating SQL server Data to SQL Azure using BCP << Paras Doshi

Using Windows Azure Blob Storage and CDN with WordPress

Practical Testing Techniques for Windows Azure Applications

Daytona: Iterative MapReduce on Windows Azure

Connecting to SQL Azure from Ruby Applications

Ideas about NoSql on Windows Azure: Azure Storage

Architecture of Tankster– Scale (Part 2)

Windows Azure CDN Helpers

Social Gaming on Windows Azure

Extending the Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles with PHP and MVC3

Ajax, Cross Domain, jQuery, WCF Web API or MVC, Windows Azure

smarx / blobedit
Simple UI (based on Ace) to edit code files in Windows Azure blob storage

sriramk / winazurestorage
Python client wrapper for Windows Azure storage

Azure BlobStorage Javascript Library

Using Windows Azure Page Blobs and How to Efficiently Upload and Download Page Blobs

Building Java applications on Windows Azure gets easier with the new version of the Eclipse plugin

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