Second Sabbatical Week of the Year

Today, December 8th, is the first day of my second sabbatical week of the year. It ends on December 18th. So, I wrote down my personal backlog, list of commitments for these days. A sabbatical week is an opportunity to do some research, work and coding, beyond the common task of every day. It’s quality time employed to practice and improve. After some planning, this is the list of the technical topics to dive into (there is a list of non-tech ones, too, in Spanish):

Write code, working on:

– AjCoRe, implementing a IStore.
– AjContab, this time a .NET version.
– AjActors, based on the last AjAgents implementation.
– AjLispRb, completing primitives, macros, file parsing.

Write posts about:

– AjTalk generating AjScript (2 posts)
– Social Games (2 posts)
– AjLisp on Ruby
– AjLisp on Javascript
– Ruby Fun Day (2 posts, in Spanish)
– My day at RubyConfAr (2 posts, in Spanish)
– My day at Smalltalks 2011 (2 posts, in Spanish)
– jBPM5, Drools by JBoss (1 post)

Some of the above posts are part of a series.

Practice and Study:

– Clojure, via REPL, or simple Eclipse
– Ruby
– Python
– Web Service Security (.NET)
– Java and Maven (oops 😉


– Assists to Ruby Buenos Aires Meetup

Most of these activities will have visible outcomes, ex. posts will be published here or in my Spanish blog, although they will probably posted during AND after the sabbatical week. The code will be published at my repos.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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