Smalltalk: Links, News and Resources (1)

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You know I was working on the implementation of my open source Smalltalk VM AjTalk (Recently, I was posting about translation from Smalltalk to Javascript). My first contact with Smalltalk was in the eighties, and since then, I was interested in it. It never become a “mainstream” programming language (yes, I know, it’s more than a programming language), and it suffered “balkanization” in its history, according to Ken Beck: many competing companies, implementing different VMs and class libraries (compare this with the unified history of Java, Ruby, Python, .NET, etc.). This is the first in a series of post about Smalltalk, this time: Smalltalk videos.

Alan Kay shares a powerful idea about ideas

Hitler se entera que Fidel habla de objetos en la Smalltalks


PharoCasts Basic UI building Videos

Physical EToys Team (Richo, Sebas y Gonzalo) – Ganadores del 1er Premio ESUG Innovation Award

Esteban Lorenzano – Ganador del 3er puesto de ESUG Innovation Award

The Amp Goes to 11: TDD in Smalltalk

Smalltalk Daily 07/21/10: Polymorphic Behavior

Dan Ingalls on the History of Smalltalk and the Lively Kernel

Video: Continuations and Subroutine Calls

Part of the series: Workshop on Self-sustaining Systems (S3) (SS 2008)

Self and Super: Explaining Method Lookup

Video: Associating Domain Objects with Components

Brian Foote and Dave West Discuss Craftsmanship;jsessionid=43251D6AF9D1103D73DDC8984A63CF0E

Failure: An Illustrated Guide

Smalltalk Daily 12/04/09: Multiple UIs, one Domain Model,_one_Domain_Model&entry=3437364817

“Introduction to GemStone” Videos

Smalltalk Daily 11/24/09: Overrides

Dan Ingalls: Seven (give or take) Smalltalk implementations

Smalltalk Daily 9/18/09: Exploring Objects

RailsConf 09: Robert Martin, “What Killed Smalltalk Could Kill Ruby”

Avi Bryant on Trendly, Ruby, Smalltalk and Javascript

Smalltalk Daily 9/22/08: Seaside Tutorial 1

CS 2340 – Smalltalk Tutorial – Creating a canvas

Video: Programando de a pares con Diogenes Moreira

QCon Keynote: Forty Years of Fun with Computers

Kinect and Etoys

Kinect and Etoys

Smalltalk Television

Videos: Learning Web Development with Seaside

IV Conferencia Internacional en la UTN _ Espone Andy Kellens de Bélgica- DIARIO LACALLE

Conferencia Internacional en la UTN- Hernán Wilkinson de FAST- DIARIO LACALLE

Messing with 3D in Dolphin Smalltalk

Object Arts, Videos

TDD Static vs. Dynamic – Parte 1/2

TDD Static vs. Dynamic – Parte 2/2

ESUG 2010 – Interview Smalltalk Community Argentina

My Links

More links about Smalltalk, AjTalk and Javascript are coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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