New Month’s Resolutions

In my opinion, using a year for resolutions is too much time. I prefer to have smaller periods for life iteration. One year gives a lot of time for procrastination and lost of focus. My proposal: to have monthly resolution. Yesterday, I wrote about my public not technical resolutions, in Spanish. Now, it’s time to write down a short list of technical resolutions, with public outcomes:

– Implements Id in Nodes in AjCoRe (simple Content Repository)
– Implements Server/Client in AjKeyvs (Key Value Store)
– Start a new version of my PHP simple framework, revamping old one, to publish in my GitHub account
– Publish a simple web server example at my Node.js samples
– Publish a simple HTML5/Canvas game using Node.js as game server (at Node.js samples)
– Continue working on AjLang interpreter, Ruby-like syntax over .NET types and objects
– Continue working on AjLisp in Java
– Play with Clojure REPL
– Start writing AjRools.Expert, rule engine in C#, a la JBoss Drools Expert (it will be published in GitHub account)

I could add some posts about these items, but all them have public repository, so the commits will serve as a proof of advance of this list.

After this first month (January 2012), I will write down a new list, maybe with improvements (better definitions, improved defined outcomes, etc.). Most of these resolutions are centered on studying new things, and practice, practice, practice, practice.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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