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Content Repository: Links, News and Resources (1)

Recently, I was working on my open source simple content repository, AjCoRe, having nodes and properties, based on the JSR-170 concepts. Now, I’m reading some additional resources: API, concrete implementations, uses cases, etc. This is the list of links I have collected about the topic:


A content repository is a store of digital content with an associated set of data management, search and access methods allowing application-independent access to the content, rather like a digital library, but with the ability to store and modify content in addition to searching and retrieving. Acontent repository thus typically forms the technical underpinning of a content application, like a Content Management System or a Document Management System. It functions as the logical storage facility for content

A content repository exposes amongst other the following facilities:

  • Read/write of content
  • Hierarchy and sort order management
  • Query / search
  • Versioning
  • Access control
  • Import / export
  • Locking
  • Life-cycle management
  • Retention and hold / records management

What is Java Content Repository
The Java Content Repository API (JSR-170) is an attempt to standardize an API that can be used for accessing a content repository. If you’re not familiar with content management systems (CMS) such as Documentum, Vignette, or FileNet, then you must be wondering what a content repository is. Think of a content repository as a generic application "data store" tht can be used for storing both text and binary data (images, word processor documents, PDFs, etc.). One key feature of a content repository is that you don’t have to worry about how the data is actually stored: data could be stored in a RDBMS or a filesystem or as an XML document. In addition to providing services for storing and retrieving your data, most content repositories provide advanced services such as uniform access control, searching, versioning, observation, locking, and more.
Introducing the Java Content Repository API


JCR Primer
The following pages contain a primer on the Java Content Repository specification.
JSR170, the Java Content Repository, constitutes an extremely complex specification. The successor, JCR 2.0 / JSR 283, specification adds even more complexity. However, the JCR REPRESENTS a very generic and object-oriented content repository which touches almost all features known in the space. The content repository is not a full-fledged content management system or a content management API. It is only the small subset of a content repository, a storage engine, which a content management system can be built on top of.

Java Content Repository: The Best Of Both Worlds

Compact Node Type Notation in a Nutshell

Content Management with Apache Jackrabbit

JCR In Action
Content-based Applications with Apache Jackrabbit

Apache Jackrabbit Examples

Introducing the Alfresco Java Content Repository API
This article introduces you to the Alfresco implementation of the Java Content Repository API (aka JCR or JSR-170) by designing and developing a simple WIKI like back-end using both Level 1 and Level 2 JCR features.

Oracle Beehive Java Content Repository

Catch Jackrabbit and the Java Content Repository API

The SharePoint content repository: It’s just a database
SharePoint’s repository — where all its content lives, is indexed, and is version-controlled — isn’t some special data construct. It’s just a database — a SQL Server database, to be specific.

Apache Sling – Bringing Back the Fun
Apache Sling in five bullets points:
– REST based web framework
– Content-driven, using a JCR content repository
– Powered by OSGi
– Scripting inside, multiple languages (JSP, server-side javascript, Scala, etc.)
– Apache Open Source project

Apache Jackrabbit
Apache Jackrabbit is an open source content repository for the Java platform. The Jackrabbit project was started on August 28, 2004, when Day Software licensed an initial implementation of the Java Content Repository API (JCR). Jackrabbit was also used as the reference implementation of JSR-170, specified within the Java Community Process. The project graduated from the Apache Incubator on March 15, 2006, and is now a Top Level Project of the Apache Software Foundation.

Content Repository API for Java

Content repository like JSR-170 in .net?

Open Source Sharepoint Alternative

Eclipse Enterprise Content Repository
Overview of Nuxeo Core

IIOP enabled jackrabbit-jcr-rmi, .NET 2.0 Remoting Layer Implementation, .NET 2.0 Repository Explorer implementation, .NET 2.0 implementation of JSR-170 API

JSR 283: Content Repository for JavaTM Technology API Version 2.0

Why, when, how?

My own work, AjCoRe

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