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These days, I was working with Node.js and Social Gaming. There is more support for Windows (now we have npm) and for Azure. My new links:

Case study: How & why to build a consumer app with Node.js

shinuza / node-cc-module-boilerplate
A C++ module boilerplate for Node.js

Building native modules for nodeJs 0.6+ with visual studio

tjanczuk / iisnode
Hosting node.js applications in IIS on Windows

WindowsAzure / azure-sdk-for-node
Windows Azure SDK for Node.js
This project provides a set of Node.js packages that make it easy to access the Windows Azure storage and queue services

Accessing Azure Role Environment information from NodeJS

Running wheat git-based blog engine on Windows Azure

Windows Azure Startup task to run npm install to avoid deploying node modules

KABA-CCEAC / nodeEventStore
EventStore Implementation in node.js

I/O Completion Ports
I/O completion ports provide an efficient threading model for processing multiple asynchronous I/O requests on a multiprocessor system. When a process creates an I/O completion port, the system creates an associated queue object for requests whose sole purpose is to service these requests. Processes that handle many concurrent asynchronous I/O requests can do so more quickly and efficiently by using I/O completion ports in conjunction with a pre-allocated thread pool than by creating threads at the time they receive an I/O request.

Leveraging Node.js’ libuv in Windows Azure

Getting the samples to work on the Azure Node.js SDK

Write Logs for Machines, use JSON

thejh / node-forum
You know, a forum. In nodejs.

Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Gets Node.js Update

scriby / asyncblock
A simple and powerful abstraction of node-fibers

Azure On GitHub

Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node

Pollenware / comb
Framework for node that provides a one stop shop for frequently needed utilities (OO, collections, logging, string and date formatting, proxy, flow control, date management)

Real Time Editing with Sockets, Node and Redis

28c3: Effective Denial of Service attacks against web application platforms

Ryan Dahl and software complexity

dreamerslab / thunder
A lighting fast template parser for node.js

Control Flow in Node

Control Flow in Node Part II

Control Flow in Node Part III

substack / node-bigint
Arithmetic on big integers using libgmp

caolan / nodeunit
Easy unit testing in node.js and the browser, based on the assert module.

cloudkick / whiskey
A powerful test runner for NodeJS applications.

c9 / kernel
A simple async template language similair to dustjs and mustache

Dux Released
At it’s core dux is a flexible container that accepts drop in functionality that can be executed from a common command line interface. Adding new commands or extending others is straight forward and simple.

caolan / async
Async utilities for node and the browser

RailwayJS – MVC framework
Create NodeJS web apps faster with more energy, using RailwayJS

Ryan Dahl – History of Node.js
What does he drink 😉

Testing / Spec Frameworks

Node Modules

Search NPM packages

observing / eventreactor
EventEmitters on a syntax suger rush

Debugging native node modules loading failure on windows

The Switch: Python to Node.js

Welcome Nodesters!
There are many avenues to get help with hosting or deploying your node.js applications to Nodester.

apla / workflow.nodejs
Workflow processing for node.js
Every application is based on series of workflows. if your workflow is written in a program code, you have a problem. people don’t want to screw up, but they do. workflow.nodejs is an abstract async processing framework for describing workflows in simple configuration.

What’s new in Windows Azure
Seeking greater relevance and functionality, Microsoft adds a free trial and more open source support

What are the disadvantages of using Node.js?
@zef: “I like Javascript and node.js, but there’s one disadvantage: its asynchronous programming model…
…Until I used Python for a server-side project and remembered how much simpler the synchronous programming style is. How cleaner your code looks. I suppose I had the Stockhold syndrom for a while there.”

The Pass Pattern

Node.JS in Windows Azure
by @ntotten

Transform your IIS into a real-time pub/sub engine with Faye-Node
Faye is a simple Http Pub/Sub server initially implemented by John Coglan in Ruby, and also later ported by himself to Node.js. The version for Node.js implements the Bayeux protocol, which at first glace, many of us known as http long polling.
This project just represents another alternative to Socket.IO, which also works for client applications that are not necessarily implemented within a web browser.  As many http pub/sub engines out there, Faye also uses the idea of channels for routing messages, and it ships with two message repositories out of the box, a repository that runs in memory and a repository that stores the messages in REDIS.

Azure price cuts, bigger databases, now with node.js and MongoDB support, Hadoop on its way

Node js Book Shelf

substack / node-browserify
Make node-style require() work in the browser, as if by magic!

Improved Developer Experience, Interoperability, and Scalability on Windows Azure

Node.js Developer Center

Node.js core contributor explains why it’s ready for the big time (video)

Deploying Node.js Applications to Windows Azure via Blobs or Git Sync
by @smarx via @asehmi

ajaxorg / node-github
node library to access the GitHub API

pksunkara / octonode
github api v3 in nodejs

My Links

More links and examples are coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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