New Month’s Resolutions: February 2012

First, a short review of my January resolutions:

– Implements Id in Nodes in AjCoRe (simple Content Repository) Partial
– Implements Server/Client in AjKeyvs (Key Value Store) Complete
– Start a new version of my PHP simple framework, revamping old one, to publish in my GitHub account Complete see AjFwkPhp
– Publish a simple web server example at my Node.js samples Complete
– Publish a simple HTML5/Canvas game using Node.js as game server (at Node.js samples) Complete (instead of a game, a distributed canvas drawing app)
– Continue working on AjLang interpreter, Ruby-like syntax over .NET types and objects Complete
– Continue working on AjLisp in Java Pending
– Play with Clojure REPL Pending
– Start writing AjRools.Expert, rule engine in C#, a la JBoss Drools Expert (it will be published in GitHub account) Complete see AjRools

My February resolutions:

– Implements first ADO.NET commands in AjBase (in memory database)
– Implements Id and read/write properties in AjCoRe (simple Content Repository)
– Start to write AjComprobantes, a simple PHP app (in Spanish) using AjFwkPhp
– Prepare a presentation about programming languages (to give at local Microsoft User Group on March)
– Give a presentation about AjLisp in Ruby at Ruby Buenos Aires Meetup
– Prepare a presentation about Clojure (I hope to give it at local Java group on March)
– Write a REPL in my AjLisp in Ruby
– More coding on AjContab (I should decide if I will do it on PHP or .NET version)
– Templates in AjGenesis in Ruby
– Add first object support in AjRools Expert
– Add method with parameters in AjLang
– Post about my work on AjRools
– New post about my work on AjLisp in Ruby
– Post about my work on AjBase
– Play with Clojure REPL
– Post about Understanding Node.js (first of a series)
– Post about Understanding Git (first of a series)

Ok, a lot of work! As in the previous list, most of these items have a public outcome. A long list: I’m pushing my own envelop 😉

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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