Smalltalk: Links, News And Resources (3)

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10 reasons why I’m using Smalltalk for airflowing

10 razones por las cuales estoy usando Smalltalk para airflowing

S8 – Smalltalk on the “Invisible Machine”

Squeak VM: Compiling for Xcode

The complete and open-source solution to relational database access.

S8 Release Candidate – Smalltalk on JS

Some Resources for People Who Want to Learn Smalltalk

History of ObjectsAsMethods?

RE: U8 Release – Beta Testing

[squeak-dev] Clamato

Curso S8 – “Release Candidate”

NoSQL OODB with Smalltalk-based Ruby VM: MagLev 1.0 Released

Smalltalk Directions

the true power of pair programming

Smalltalk with Style

Kaliningrad: Developing with Amber, Seaside and Monticello

Smalltalks 2011

Coral: Pharo Smalltalk for scripting

Fuel is an open-source general purpose framework to serialize and deserialize objects based on a pickling algorithm.

Opal Compiler

Athens vector graphics API

Amber Smalltalk Documentation

Canvas and JTalk


Clamato is a Smalltalk dialect that is designed to operate within the JavaScript runtime. (For non-Canadians: “clamato” is what you get when you add clams to tomato juice. Some consider this an unholy mixture; others, a tasty treat.)

Implementing Smalltalk-80 on the ICL PERQ

The Blue Book VM

Lanzamiento de S8 en Smalltalking

ST2JS – Smalltalk to Javascript translator

The first time I met Steve Jobs
I was a reporter-researcher at Time magazine on a 12-month probationary writer’s trial. I’d heard that the Lisa had something to do with work done at Xerox’s (XRX) Palo Alto Research Center, and to prep for the meeting I had read and re-read the only substantive story I could find about Xerox PARC — a long article in Byte magazine on Smalltalk.

ESUG 2011, Edinburgh


User Interface Framework

The Pharo Roadmap

Lisp vs Smalltalk vs Ruby

Who looks at Smalltalk?

Can Smalltalk blocks be better than Lisp Macros?

Object Spaces for Safe Image Surgery

gnu smalltalk koans

Types are Anti-Modular

IM 31: Seaside and Rails (AAC)

Mariano Martinez Peck

My Links

More links and resources are coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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