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More links about Clojure programming languages:

Event-Driven Programming in Clojure

Beginning with Clojure

The Making of Typkov
Build a little webapp in Clojure/Noir from scratch

Clojure GUI Demo of Planetary Orbitals

Metaweblog API

Backlog: Ola Bini on Clojure/conj

Why Jark
Startup time of the Java Virtual Machine(JVM) is quite slow and thereby command-line applications on the JVM are sluggish and very painful to use. Jark is an attempt to run a persistent JVM daemon and provide a set of utilities to interact with it.

All Your HBase Are Belong to Clojure

Introducing ClojureScript One
Here at Relevance, we spent some time recently looking at the ClojureScript experience. We were specifically concerned with finding the pain points in ClojureScript development. To make the experience as real as possible, we chose to rewrite a client application which had been written in CoffeeScript.

ClojureScript One
ClojureScript One shows you how to use ClojureScript to build single-page, single-language applications in a productive, effective and fun way.

Object-oriented Clojure

Web application in Clojure: the starting poin

Some Thoughts on Classes After 18 Months of Clojure

Create a basic web application in clojure

fogus / fojure
a dumb little fp language written in Clojure

Immutant is an application server for Clojure built on top of JBoss AS7. It is a new project, but we already support Ring handlers and asynchronous messaging, and we are working on additional features.

My Clojure Adventure


Getting Started with Clojure-clr

roman / clj-stream
Oleg’s Iteratees in Clojure

Road-map – or n+1 steps to enlightenment (or loonybind)

geoffsalmon / bytebuffer
Clojure lib for packing and unpacking binary data using a java.util.ByteBuffer

Survey says: viability is number one

ClojureCLR has a new home


What is a multimethod?

4Clojure is a resource to help fledgling clojurians learn the language through interactive problems. The first few problems are easy enough that even someone with no prior experience should find the learning curve forgiving.

Testing Storm Topologies (in Clojure)

Maven Settings and Repositories

dmansen / boggle
A boggle solver, in clojure

Fractals in Clojure – Distributed Buddhabrot Fractal Using ClojureScript

marick / Midje
Midje provides a migration path from clojure.test to a more flexible, readable, abstract, and gracious style of testing

The Barbarians are at the Gates
By @unclebob

(take 6 carin-meier)
Carin Meier is a veteran of the Clojure Conj scene having attended both installments and a true asset to both the Ruby and Clojure communities.

Tips for using marginalia

Converting Command Line String Integers To Integers

bitsai / clojure-actors
Actors implemented on top of Clojure agents

Erlang style actors implemented using clojure agents

stathissideris / clarity
A wrapper for Swing aiming to provide more concise syntax and extra functionality. Still in heavy development, syntax may change radically.

Introducing Clarity: Swing application development for Clojure

A Refreshed View on Community : Clojure Conj 2011

Clojure: STMs vs Locks

Clojure for dummies: a kata

Introducing Avout: Distributed State in Clojure

The Clojure Community and Me

Clojure’s protocols influences?

Evangelizing Clojure

My Links

More links about Clojure, Lisp, Functional Programming and Languages are coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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