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More collected links about Node.js and its ecosystem, modules, critics, reviews, tutorial and samples.

The rise of Node.js: JavaScript graduates to the server
Microsoft and others have already adopted this technology to extend JavaScript beyond the browser — but it has limits developers must beware

tjanczuk / arrjs
HTTP and WebSocket application routing

Solving the upload progress bar problem–The History of Node.js
If you would have asked me how Node.js came to be I probably would have guessed something along the lines of a Stanford research lab. That is, until I stumbled across this youtube video ‘Ryan Dahl – History of Node.js’ from a Pheonix user group back in Oct 11. I intended to watch just a few minutes, but it was really interesting and I ended up watching the whole thing. If you are into Node I recommend you check it out too.

Node.js Cluster
A single instance of Node runs in a single thread. To take advantage of multi-core systems the user will sometimes want to launch a cluster of Node processes to handle the load.
The cluster module allows you to easily create a network of processes that all share server ports.

If you’re using Node.js, you’re doing life wrong

Patio-query is a Sequel inspired query engine.

An Obvious MVC Framework for Node.js

New Electronic Check-in System
It uses Node.js

ShareJS – Live concurrent editing in your app.
ShareJS is an Operational Transform library for NodeJS & browsers. It lets you easily do live concurrent editing in your app.

Video Processing in node.js

Node.js Kansas City

Heroku, mongo, node.js – a problem

visionmedia / jade
Jade – robust, elegant, feature rich template engine for nodejs

The Reality of HTML5 Game Development and making money from it

Seriously.js: A Realtime, Node-Based Video Compositor for the Web

About restify
restify is a node.js module built specifically to enable you to build correct REST web services. It borrows heavily from express (intentionally) as that is more or less the de facto API for writing web applications on top of node.js.

marcello3d / node-mongolian
Mongo DB driver for node.js

benmills / robotskirt
A node wrapper for the C markdown parser, sundown.

bleakgadfly / node-irc
Node.js socket wrapper for the IRC protocol (client-side)

evantahler / actionHero
node.js API framework for both tcp sockets and http clients

Node.js Web Application with Storage on MongoDB
This tutorial describes how to use MongoDB to store and access data from a Windows Azure application written in Node.js.

Using the Windows Azure SDK for Node.js on Heroku

omerucel / node-restapi
node-restapi is a restful service creator

Benvie / Node.js-Ultra-REPL
Starting with Node’s built in REPL, add in a completely redone inspect formatter, actual functioning separate V8 contexts, keybindings to create, switch, and delete between them, combine it with a bunch of color. ULTRA REPL

xxoo / node-fsWin
windows fs extensions for nodejs

einaros / GitAzure
Git hook for node.js apps running in Azure

Node.js Selected by InfoWorld for 2012 Technology of the Year Award

Meet Diego Araos, the winner of sponsored Hackathon, Santiago, Chile (Dec 2011)
As an open source community contributor and fervient enthusiast in bleeding edge tech, in my inaugural post I decided to cover the story behind the team that won, and also, give them props for developing in Node.js.

Running on Windows Azure Web and Worker roles

WindowsAzure / azure-sdk-tools

Tools for developing applications for Windows Azure

Node.js Web Application using Express
Node.js includes a minimal set of functionality in the core runtime. Developers often use 3rd party modules to provide additional functionality when developing a Node.js application. In this tutorial you will extend the application created in the Node.js Web Application tutorial by using modules.

Node.js Web Application

My Links

More links about Node.js, server-side javascript, and general use of javascript are comint.

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