Ruby On Rails (2): Links, News and resources

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More links about this popular Ruby web framework (and some discussions):

Crazy, Heretical, and Awesome: The Way I Write Rails Apps

Rails Went Off The Rails: Why I’m Rebuilding Archaeopteryx In CoffeeScript

Frontend Code Doesn’t Have to Suck: 5 Tips for Rails Developers

Moving from Sinatra to Rails

ruby-debug in 30 seconds (we don’t need no stinkin’ GUI!)

What programming language is GitHub written in?

Rails: Presenter Pattern

Ruby/Sinatra/Rails failing at Start

Sinatra vs. Rails

Rails Caching Benchmarked: MongoDB, Redis, Memcached

Lately there has been a lot posts about how Ruby on Rails might not follow the best practices.

ActiveRecord (and Rails) Considered Harmful

Composition Of Responsibility vs Interface Implementation
ActiveRecord might truly be a horrible beast with far too many concerns in one given place. I haven’t dug into that source code very much. From what I remember of it, it’s huge and difficult for me to understand (but then, it does a metric-ton-squared of meta-programming, so I guess I’m not surprised that it’s hard for me to understand).

Rails Has Turned Me Into a Cannibalizing Idiot
Some interesting posts flying around about how ActiveRecord is rotting people’s brains and how Rails is "pants on head retarded". I figured I might as well respond.

spree / spree
Spree is a complete open source e-commerce solution for Ruby on Rails

Is it better to use routes or mod_rewrite to forward old URLs?

How to make Rails do not ignore trailing slashes in the routes?

SEO, Heroku, Ruby on Rails and removing those darn trailing slashes

El maldito libro de los descarrilados
Tutorial de Ruby on Rails en castellano

Using Redis with Ruby on Rails

To Redis or Not To Redis? (Key-Value Stores Part 4)

Delivering email with Amazon SES in a Rails 3 app

Activity Logs and Friend Feeds on Rails & pfeed

Ruby On Rails español

Entrenando con Ruby y RoR

Learning how to Learn Rails

nicksieger / refactoring-to-rails
Example of refactoring a Spring/Hibernate application to Rails

Configuration for Rails, the Right Way

Ruby clouds: Engine Yard vs. Heroku

Memcached Internals: Memory Allocation, Eviction Policy, Consistent Hashing

Heroku and Rails 3.1

Ruby on Rails 3.0 Release Notes

Instalar Ruby on Rails 3 en Windows

Rails QRCode Generator

How do I add a field in Ruby on Rails?

Why Bother With Cucumber Testing?

Mini reviews of 19 Ruby template engines

Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Rails Searchable API Doc

Bundler manages an application’s dependencies through its entire life across many machines systematically and repeatably.

Getting Started with Rails

Updating Ruby / Rails

My Links

More links about Ruby, Ruby web development, Sinatra, etc… are coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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