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March 7, 2012

New Month’s Resolutions: March 2012

First, a review of my February resolutions:

- Implements first ADO.NET commands in AjBase (in memory database) complete
- Implements Id and read/write properties in AjCoRe (simple Content Repository) complete
- Start to write AjComprobantes, a simple PHP app (in Spanish) using AjFwkPhp complete
- Prepare a presentation about programming languages (to give at local Microsoft User Group on March) complete
- Give a presentation about AjLisp in Ruby at Ruby Buenos Aires Meetup complete
- Prepare a presentation about Clojure (I hope to give it at local Java group on March) partial
- Write a REPL in my AjLisp in Ruby complete
- More coding on AjContab (I should decide if I will do it on PHP or .NET version) pending
- Templates in AjGenesis in Ruby pending
- Add first object support in AjRools Expert complete
- Add method with parameters in AjLang complete
- Post about my work on AjRools complete
- New post about my work on AjLisp in Ruby pending
- Post about my work on AjBase complete
- Play with Clojure REPL complete
- Post about Understanding Node.js (first of a series) pending
- Post about Understanding Git (first of a series) pending

Lots of pending! and completes ;-) Key points: prepare the programming languages talk (Javascript on NodeJs, Scala, Clojure, Erlang, Python, Ruby) tooks a lot of time (+- 40hs). So I should review my complex talks time preparation. This month, March, will be dedicated to write code, no talk preparation, no post writing:

- Templates in AjGenesis in Ruby
- Support for flow control in AjLang
- Support for native objects in AjLisp in Java
- First structures, simple matching, simple REPL in AjErl (erlang-like in C#)
- First web site pages in AjContab, simple ASP.NET MVC, with an in-memory domain
- Move AjPython to GitHub, and review internal implementation
- Move AjSudoku to GitHub, and review test, code coverage
- Start internal refactoring AjRools algorithm, towards Rete-like one
- Start form and invoice processing in AjComprobantes

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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