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March 12, 2012

CQRS: Links, News And Resources (3)

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The third installment of this link series. This time, tutorial resources.

CQRS Starting Page
This page lists learning materials, documents, videos, tips and reference implementations about getting started with Command and Query Responsibility Segregation.

Clarified CQRS

Towards an immutable domain model – introduction (part 1)

Aclarando CQRS (traducción)

CQRS Documents by Greg Young

In The Brain of Udi Dahan: CQRS, race conditions, and sagas – oh my!


Why I Still Love CQRS (and Messaging and Event Sourcing)

CQRS, Task Based UIs, Event Sourcing agh!

cqrs for dummies – an interlude – has it all been a waste of time?

Use CQRS When Constrained on Developers and Time

Event Sourcing and CQRS, Let’s use it.


CQRS – The Domain Events

Command / Query service in WCF

Theory of CQRS Command Handlers: Sagas, ARs and Event Subscriptions

Race Conditions Don’t Exist

Event Sourcing

My Links

More links are coming.

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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