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Clojure: Links, News And Resources (5)

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Clojure/core — (take 5 william-byrd)
William Byrd is a postdoc at Indiana University researching the applicability of declarative programming techniques to high-performance computing domains. In addition, he is one of the three authors of the fantastic book The Reasoned Schemer that walks the reader through the development of a small …

pallet/zi – GitHub
Zi is a maven plugin for clojure.

mmikulicic / clarsec
Parsec monadic parser ported to clojure

youngnh / parsatron
Clojure parser combinators

Clojure vs Scala · Compare programming languages · Programming Languages
The absolute rankings are interesting for large scale comparisons but when you want to know about two specific languages it’s much more informative to look at how the two fare when they go directly head to head.

Reflections on a real-world Clojure application (take 2)
Last night I gave a talk at the London Clojure Users Group (LCUG) about a ‘real-world’ (16K lines-of-code) application we built in less than a year with Clojure at Deutsche Bank.

Doing Things ←
So far, we’ve looked at the sequence monad and the set monad. Hopefully by now you’ve gotten a feel for how m-result and m-bind work for those two examples.

Clojure demo web application using Ring, Compojure, MongoDB and Fusion Charts.
A demo web application using Clojure, Ring, Compojure, MongoDB, Fusion Charts.

The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: February 2012 – tecosystems
For years now, it has been self-evident to us at RedMonk that programming language usage and adoption has been fragmenting at an accelerating rate

Using dynamic programming to calculate Stirling numbers

IT Software Community – John W. Verity – LISP Is Back, and It’s Baaaaad!

Gelfino is a tiny embeddable Gelf server written in pure Clojure, Gelfino enables real time processing of log events through streams.

(david-mcneil.com:blog), Clojure Robot DSL

Sets Not Lists ←

Functional Relational Programming with Cascalog

Stuart Sierra: “Learning Clojure – Next Steps” | Clojure on Blip
You can conj and assoc like a pro. You eat macros for breakfast.What’s next?

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub 2011-08 | Hello, ClojureScript!
Clojure rocks, JavaScript reaches. ClojureScript is the realized inevitability of Clojure’s expansion to other platforms.It seems these days you can’t write a web-based application without reaching for JavaScript.

David McNeil: “Concurrent Stream Processing” | Clojure on Blip
The foundation of our query processing engine is a concurrent data stream processor. This processor is characterized by the need to efficiently perform parallel, non-blocking processing of multiple data streams which are too large to fit in memory.

InfoQ: One () to Rule them All
Aaron Bedra introduces Clojure and details how ClojureScript – a Clojure subset compiled to JavaScript – helps with web development.

Clojure/core — First Conj 2011 Videos Available
Five videos from Clojure Conj 2011 are now available.

Home // Overtone
Overtone is an open source audio environment being created to explore musical ideas from synthesis and sampling to instrument building, live-coding and collaborative jamming. We use the SuperCollider synth server as the audio engine, with Clojure being used to develop the APIs and the application. …

On Beyond Lambda: Clojure is one answer
A travel log of a .NET developer as he explores Clojure and F#, and looks for ways to apply C# to a multi-core world.A travel log of a .NET developer as he explores Clojure and F#, and looks for ways to apply C# to a multi-core world.

richard-lyman/amotoen – GitHub
Amotoen is a Clojure library that supports PEG style definitions of grammars that can produce parsers

Clojure for Ruby Programmers – Stuart Halloway – Ruby Conference 2009

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