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March 28, 2012

Ruby: Links, news and Resources (4)

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More links about Ruby Programming:

tarcieri / celluloid
Actor-based concurrent framework for Ruby

Programming Ruby 1.9 (3rd edition): The Pragmatic Programmers’ Guide

Learn to Program
A Place to Start for the Future Programmer

NoSQL OODB with Smalltalk-based Ruby VM: MagLev 1.0 Released

MetaWhere & MetaSearch
MetaWhere provides a way to do complex find conditions without SQL in Active Record. MetaSearch makes it easy to create search forms with many find options.

jeremyevans / sequel

Sequel: The Database Toolkit for Ruby

Monkeypatching For Humans
…In those languages, you could redefine everything in the String class if you wanted to. This is commonly known in dynamic language circles as monkeypatching.

Como instalar Ruby en Ubuntu Linux

Como instalar Ruby en Mac OS X

Ruby performance showdown

rchatley / extreme_startup
This software supports a workshop where teams can compete to build a software product that satisfies market demand.

eventmachine / eventmachine

EventMachine: fast, simple event-processing library for Ruby programs

Musings On Software Community
While attending Oredev 2011, I had an interesting conversation with Corey Haines about his perception of the Ruby community as compared to the .NET community.

Enums in Ruby

Ruby clouds: Engine Yard vs. Heroku

RubyConf Argentina and Fenix
My talk was titled Tirando Ruby por la Ventana, which translates to Throwing Ruby through the Window
The talk was aimed at highlight a few issues with Ruby on Windows, ranging from the community to the implementation.
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