Daily Archives: April 6, 2012

New Month’s Resolutions: April 2012

It’s time to write down my list of resolution for this month, April 2012. First, a review of my March ones:

– Templates in AjGenesis in Ruby pending
– Support for flow control in AjLang complete
– Support for native objects in AjLisp in Java pending
– First structures, simple matching, simple REPL in AjErl (erlang-like in C#) partial
– First web site pages in AjContab, simple ASP.NET MVC, with an in-memory domain pending
– Move AjPython to GitHub, and review internal implementation complete
– Move AjSudoku to GitHub, and review test, code coverage complete
– Start internal refactoring AjRools algorithm, towards Rete-like one pending
– Start form and invoice processing in AjComprobantes complete

Hmmm.. too many pending items 😉 Ok, to balance them, I had new items:

– Start Acquarella Syntax Highlither complete
– Start AjTalk in Javascript/NodeJs complete
– Start AjLogo in Javascript/NodeJs complete
– Start SetTuples set programming in C# complete

This month’s resolutions:

– Complete Acquarella (comment, number detection, new styles, language extension..)
– Add features to AjTalk in Javascript/NodeJs (class support, fileouts processing)
– Add features to AjLogo in Javascript/NodeJs (canvas support)
– Complete verb support in SetTuples
– Give a talk about Programming Languages (Javascript/NodeJs, Clojure, Erlang, Python, Ruby, Scala)|
– AjContab inmemory model

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez