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May 4, 2012

Domain-Specific Languages: Links, News and Resources (1)

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As a programming language fan, I’m interested in Domain Specific Languages, too. Some of the links I found about this topic.

In software development and domain engineering, a domain-specific language (DSL) is aprogramming language or specification language dedicated to a particular problem domain, a particular problem representation technique, and/or a particular solution technique. The concept isn’t new—special-purpose programming languages and all kinds of modeling/specification languages have always existed, but the term has become more popular due to the rise ofdomain-specific modeling.

Why Program by Hand in Five Days what You Can Spend Five Years of Your Life Automating?
Terence Parr discusses using automation tools including DSLs to automate the software creation process as much as possible in order to increase output, effectiveness, correctness and velocity.

Korma is a domain specific language for Clojure that takes the pain out of working with your favorite RDBMS. Built for speed and designed for flexibility, Korma provides a simple and intuitive interface to your data that won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth.

2nd International Workshop on Domain-Specific Languages and models for ROBotic systems (DSLRob’11), September 2011

The Perils of Partially Powered Languages

Why Programming Languages?

InfoQ: Complex Event Processing: DSL for High Frequency Trading

Growing a DSL with Clojure

DSL for the Uninitiated | July 2011 | Communications of the ACM

Ruminations of a Programmer: Composing Heterogeneous DSLs in Scala

CiteSeerX — Evolve Frameworks into Domain-Specific Languages

The Metalevel — Code Generation 2011: a personal review

Language Workbench Competition 2011 / Code Generation 2011 « New Thoughts

Software Development Revolutionary Game Changer

Combinators as the sublanguage of DSL syntax

Lisp Isn’t Really a Programming Language
In Lisp, DSL’s are free. In fact, practically any program written in Lisp could be considered to be a DSL.

Checklist for Xtext DSL implementations

MD*/DSL Best Practices
Update March 2011

InfoQ: DSL Evolution for Groovy Developers

On the semantics of (real-time) Domain Specific Modeling Languages

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