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More links about this hard problem in Artificial Intelligence: play the game of Go.

In an Ancient Game, Computing’s Future
EARLY in the film ”A Beautiful Mind,” the mathematician John Nash is seen sitting in a Princeton courtyard, hunched over a playing board covered with small black and white pieces that look like pebbles. He was playing Go, an ancient Asian game. Frustration at losing that game inspired the real Mr. Nash to pursue the mathematics of game theory, research for which he eventually won a Nobel Prize.

What’s black, white and can stump computers?

Handicap for smaller board sizes

Two Representative Computer Go Games

Database pattern search software

Number of legal Go positions

Zen computer Go program beats Takemiya Masaki with just 4 stones!

Orego is a multi-year project to develop programs to play the classical Asian game of Go.

ICGA Tournaments
Tournaments between computer programs: chess, draughts, checkers, Go, backgammon, and more

Moyoman is an open-source Go playing program written in Java. The code for move generation is broken up into units called modules. The interfaces for these modules are well-defined, and correspond to standard Go concepts such as shape, the opening, or life and death. There can be multiple implementations of the same module type. The idea is to distribute the design decisions among many different developers. We are actively looking for new developers to write modules.

Computer Go Group at University of Alberta

Computer Go Bibliography

Fuego, GNU Go and other builds for Windows

Computer Go Research
Our Go program and framework Fuego. First computer program to win a 9×9 game on even against a top-ranked human player.

Monte Carlo Tree Search
Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) is the basis of all state of the art Go programs, including Fuego. In our research, we also investigate Monte Carlo techniques in planning, and the close connections between Reinforcement learning and MCTS.

Latest Advance in Artificial Intelligence: Computer Wins a Game Against a Go Master

Cracking GO
Brute-force computation has eclipsed humans in chess, and it could soon do the same in this ancient Asian game

GoGui is a graphical user interface to programs that play the board game Go and support the Go Text Protocol such as GNU Go.

MoGo: a Grid5000-based software for the Game of Go

The Game of Go: A Programmer’s Perspective

Go news and sensations

Windows HPC: Playing GO on Surface against a Cluster

GTP engines
A go engine is a software that plays go. A GTP go engine is a software that plays go and dialogs through the "Go Text Protocol" with another software like GoGui or Dariush.

Dutch Supercomputer Beats Human at Go

Smart Games

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