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May 10, 2012

Domain-Specific Languages: Links, News And Resources (2)

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More links about Domain Specific Languages:

Language Workbench Challenge

Dsl Intro

META II: A Syntax-Oriented Compiler Writing Language.

Tutorial: Metacompilers Part 1

Combinator Parsing
Occasionally, you may need to process a small, special-purpose language.

New DSL Book

Common Lisp DSL Compiler Framework. CL-DCF is a framework for building DSL compilers.

RailCasts, JBuilder
Jbuilder provides a DSL for generating JSON.

Case Study in DSL Development with Scala – Part 3

Case Study in DSL Development with Scala – Part 2

Case Study in DSL Development with Scala – Part 1
In early high level languages such as Lisp and Forth, the programming style was to build meta-linguistic abstractions towards the domain, and then write programs using these abstractions.

Writing a DSL with Python

Implement A Dsl

Problem-Oriented Mini-Languages


A DSL for Continuation Passing Style in Scala

A CAT for ‘Multi-User Dungeon Definition Language’, serendipitously punning on MDL, the language in which ‘Zork’ was written. MUDDL is the definition language of MUD1.

Clojure Robot DSL

Backing up with Backup
Backup provides a neat DSL for creating backup scripts with archiving files and databases through to common data stores (S3, Rackspace, SFTP, etc), with notifications via email, Campfire and others.

Offbeat: Scala by the end of 2011 – No Drama but Frustration is Growing

Implementing existing DSLs with Xtext – a case study, part 1

Groovy Goodness: Create Our Own Script Class
Groovy is a great language to write DSL implementations. The Groovy syntax allows for example to leave out parenthesis or semi colons, which results in better readable DSL (which is actually Groovy code).

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