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Since the late seventies, I am a programming language geek. I remember my first contact with COBOL, Fortran, Algol/W, assembly language for mainframes and BCPL. In recent years, I was studying new languages implementations, in the form of interpreter, virtual machine and compilers. This is part of the links I found interesting in the last years.

It parses .NET assemblies and generates unmanaged C++ code that can be compiled on any standard C++ compiler.

Mono CSharp Compiler
The Mono C# compiler is considered feature complete for C# 1.0, C# 2.0, C# 3.0 and C# 4.0 (ECMA).

Bytecode 2011

Write A Template Compiler For Erlang

alvaroc1 / s2js
Scala to Javascript compiler

Clojure Faster than Machine Code?


On FaceBook’s Thrift semantics, code generation, and OCaml



Introduction to GOLD Parser


Irony – .NET Language Implementation Kit
Irony is a development kit for implementing languages on .NET platform. Unlike most existing yacc/lex-style solutions Irony does not employ any scanner or parser code generation from grammar specifications written in a specialized meta-language. In Irony the target language grammar is coded directly in c# using operator overloading to express grammar constructs.

Interpreter and Compiler

Compiling .NET code on-the-fly

Dynamic Creation of Assemblies/Apps

NScript – A script host for C#/VB.NET/JScript.NET
NScript is a tool similar to WScript except that it allows scripts to be written in .NET languages such as C#, VB.NET and JScript.NET. NScript automatically compiles the code into an assembly in memory and executes the assembly.

CodeDom Assistant
Generating CodeDom Code By Parsing C# or VB

Building .NET Assemblies Dynamically

A Simple Compiler for the Common Language Runtime
An end-to-end example of a bottom up LALR(1) compiler for a fictitious language targeting the Common Language Runtime

Clojure COmpilation
Ahead-of-time Compilation and Class Generation

he Lisp Before the End of My Lifetime

Hydrating Objects With Expression Trees – Part I

Mastering Expression Trees With .NET Reflector

Dumping Objects Using Expression Trees

Solving the Expression Problem with OOP

C# compiler as a service

Chicken is an implementation of the Scheme programming language that can compile Scheme programs to C code as well as interpret them.

Steel Bank Common Lisp
Steel Bank Common Lisp (SBCL) is a high performance Common Lisp compiler

Scheme2Js is a Scheme to JavaScript compiler

Comparing SPUR to PyPy

SPUR: A Trace-Based JIT Compiler for CIL

chandlerkent / HKCD
MiniJava compiler for RHIT compilers course (CSSE 404)

Google Closure Compiler Advanced mode

free pascal
Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 and 64 bit professional Pascal compiler.

VMKit: a substrate for virtual machines
The VMKit project is a framework for building virtual machines. It uses LLVM for compiling and optimizing high-level languages to machine code, and MMTk to manage memory.

Hello from a libc-free world! (Part 1)

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