Compilers: Links, News And Resources (2)

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More links about compiler implementations, ideas and technologies:

jitasm is C++ library for runtime code generation of x86/x64. You can write the code like a inline assembler.

Compiling Scala to LLVM

Groovy Goodness: Add AST Transformations Transparently to Scripts
With Groovy 1.8 we can add compilation customizers when for example we want to run a Groovy script from our application code.

Jabaco is a simple programming language with a Visual Basic like syntax. Jabaco enables you to create powerful software for all Java supported operating systems.

How To Write a Console Application in PowerShell with Add-Type

Type inference
Type inference refers to the automatic deduction of the type of an expression in a programming language. If some, but not all, type annotations are already present it is referred to as type reconstruction.

LLVM Language Reference Manual

Example of how to use ANTLR+StringTemplate with LLVM to build a compiler.

Implementing the virtual method pattern in C#, Part Two

The goal of XMLVM is to offer a flexible and extensible cross-compiler toolchain. Instead of cross-compiling on a source code level, XMLVM cross-compiles byte code instructions from Sun Microsystem’s virtual machine and Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime.

Engineering a Compiler, 2nd Edition

Implementing Smalltalk’s Non-Local Returns in JavaScript

Smalltalk Classes in JavaScript

A Linux Compiler Deathmatch: GCC, LLVM, DragonEgg, Open64, Etc…

Pharen: Lisp -> PHP
Pharen is a compiler that takes a Lisp-like language and turns it into PHP code. This combines Lisp’s advantages of uniform syntax and homoiconicity (among others) and PHP’s advantage of…being everywhere.

clojurejs — a Clojure (subset) to Javascript translator

timcameronryan / mug
A self-hosted JavaScript compiler for the JVM. Written in CoffeeScript

Mono’s C# Compiler as a Service on Windows.

Smalltalk in small talks: The Setup
Smalltalk in Java

Xbase interactive programming environment
One of the exciting new features of the upcoming Xtext 2.0 is the integration of the general purpose expression language Xbase.

Compiler in Clojure
The Clojure compiler is currently a large Java class. Writing it in Clojure will produce many benefits

jarpiain / cljc
A clojure port of the clojure compiler

Inside Razor – Part 3 – Templates

My Links

More links about interpreters, compilers and programming languages are coming.

Keep tuned!

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