Compilers: Links, News And Resources (3)

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More links about compiler implementations, ideas, interpreters, and programming languages:

Pharo Opal Compiler

Microsoft’s Roslyn: Reinventing the compiler as we know it

Roslyn CTP Now Available

Why Clojure Doesn’t Need Invokedynamic (Unless You Want It to be More Awesome)

C#5 and Meta-Programming

Roslyn: Compiler as a Service, not a black-box anymore!!.aspx

Project Roslyn or Compiler-as-a-Service. Bringing flexibility of dynamic languages to C#

Microsoft previews Compiler-as-a-Service software

O# (managed Objective-C) Compiler (requires .NET 4)

Microsoft previews Compiler-as-a-Service software

GNU Objective-C runtime features

An Introduction to Objective-C for .NET Programmers

Opa – a unified approach to web programming
Opa is a new open source language that lets you write an app and compile it to a JavaScript application on the client, complete with server-side support including a database.

Clojure, JVM 7 support (invokedynamic)

RES – An Open Cobol To Java Translato

Making Ruby Fast: The Rubinius JIT
by @dseminara

Introducing ClojureScript
by @stuartsierra

ClojureScript Rationale
by @stuarthalloway

Compiling Clojure to Javascript pt. 1 of n
by @fogus

Scala comes to .Net
Miguel Garcia, part of the Scala group at EPFL, has been striving to make the Scala productivity available to .Net developers too. In a project funded by Microsoft, he has now reached a major milestone in delivering that capability.

List of languages that compile to JS

Ferret: An Experimental Clojure Compiler

Precompile your MVC Razor views using RazorGenerator

Razor Generator

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