Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (3)

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Clojure interview: (take 5 daniel-spiewak)
Daniel Spiewak is a force of nature. As a highly respected member of the Scala programming language community and an overall thoughtful polyglot he seemed a natural fit as an interesting speaker for the 2011 Clojure/Conj. Daniel’s talk entitled *Extreme Cleverness: Functional Data Structures in Scala was highly energetic and astoundingly informative. Daniel’s open source contributions are not to be forgotten however. In addition to the important anti-xml Scala library, Daniel is attempting a bit of text-based collaboration magic with his Common Colaborative Coding Protocol project.

A Programming Language, Kenneth E. Iverson
Much of applied mathematics, particularly the more recent computer-related areas which cut across the older disciplines, suffers from the lack of an adequate programming language. It is the central thesis of this book that the descriptive and analytic power of an adequate programming language amply repays the considerable effort required for its mastery. This thesis is developed by first presenting the entire language and then applying it in later chapters to several major topics.

mikeal / tako
Functional web framework.

Efficiency of purely functional programming

Learn about Efficient Functional IO in Scala from John De Goes’ Presentation at NEScala,1130/index.html

Great Lakes Functional Programming Conference About The Great Lakes Functional Programming Conference
May 5, 2012 in Ann Arbor, MI

Barb: How I built a simple dynamic programming language in F#

Dizzy Smith – Building Erlang Applications With Rebar
Rebar is an Open Source project that provides a set of standardized build tools for OTP applications and releases. This talk will explore how to use Rebar in a typical development environment for everything from simple Erlang code to port drivers and embedded Erlang servers.

manipulate collections in a pseudo-functional and statically typed way

Can Your Programming Language Do This?

Axum Incubation Project
“Erlang done right”

FP, Concepts, Scala, Haskell, Fp, Currying, Lambda, Higher Order Functions, Functional,

Functional IO in Scala with Scalaz

Concatenative, Row-Polymorphic Programming in Haskell

Refactoring Functional Programs

Scalaz: Type Classes and Pure Functional Data Structures for Scala

Why Concatenative Programming Matters

10 reasons to use the F# runtime in your C# app

Validating with applicative functors and LINQ

Functional Relational Programming with Cascalog

Scala for the Intrigued: Functional Style of Programming

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