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You can see in my GitHub account that I’m very busy writing simple programs in Node.js. More links about this technology:

Chat webapp with node.js


Implementation of genetic algorithms for nodejs

Beginning Node.js

Esos raros lenguajes nuevos NodeJs, Scala, Clojure, Erlang, Python, Ruby – Parte 1

Node.js Addons
Addons are dynamically linked shared objects. They can provide glue to C and C++ libraries. The API (at the moment) is rather complex, involving knowledge of several libraries.

Node.js extensions with C++ and V8

kkaefer / node-cpp-modules
Guide for writing C++ node.js extensions

Beagle Board
It has a Node.js server

Build the C link

nikhilm / jsfoo-pune-2012
Native Bindings to node.js – Slides and code for the talk at jsfoo

Creating Node Addons
C/C++ extensions for fun and profit

node-waf: command not found
node-waf is a tool shipped with Node.js to help build C++ files into a node.js compatible library or tool. It is only available if you installed node.js from source.
(It was replaced by gyt)

How do I get node-waf to install?

LearnBoost / up
Zero-downtime reloads and requests load balancer based on distribute

Node.js: Templating with Plates

mikeal / tako
Functional web framework.

A Node.js podcast

socketstream / socketstream
A fast, modular Node.js web framework dedicated to building realtime single-page apps

Bidirectional binary streams with WebSocket

oleics / node-filewalker
Fast and rock-solid asynchronous traversing of directories and files for node.js

NodeJS – Run to Completion Semantics Options

Tim Caswell on Learning Node.js

Node.js: Awesome Runtime and New Age JavaScript Gospel
I am a big fan of node.js but I have a big problem with the core team. No need to hide it and pretend everything is OK. The fibers vs. callback war erupted again this week on the mailing list, with new ballistic benchmark missiles fired from both sides and showers of sarcasms.

rbranson / node-ffi
node-ffi provides a powerful set of tools for interfacing with dynamic libraries using pure JavaScript in the Node.js environment. It can be used to build interface bindings for libraries without using any C++ code.

rbranson / node-ffi
Node.js Foreign Function Interface

creationix / stack
Stack is a minimal http module system for node.js

mafintosh / protein
Protein is connect compatable middleware with support for prototype methods, getters and setters

The great Node.js versus Ruby on Rails speed test

A simple, structured Web framework for Node.

arturadib / node-qt
Qt bindings for Node.js

Rapid Game Development
Chilly Framework is a platform for HTML5 game development. We provide the developers with a ready-made multiplayer server and game engine that make game development easier and faster. Seamlessly integrated to provide all the features one needs for adding multiplayer capabilities to a browser game. Ideal for developing new games or porting existing single player games to multiplayer

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