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July 6, 2012

New Month’s Resolutions: July 2012

Time to write the resolutions for this new month, July 2012. But first, review of past month ones:

- Write first version SimpleStore, simple key value store for NodeJs complete see repo
- Start SimpleParser, PEG in Javascript complete see repo
- Give a talk about developing an application using TDD in .NET complete see repo
- Prepare a talk about Smalltalk Pharo partial
- Improve and publish SimpleRemote v0.0.1 complete see repo
- Improve and publish AjGenesisNode v0.0.1 pending
- Prepare and give a talk about Ruby and Node.js complete
- Implement SimpleRemote client protocol in other language pending
- New examples for AjFabriqNode pending

I added these items:

- Start SimpleStorm with samples complete see repo
- Publish SimpleBroadcast with sample complete see repo
- Start AjTalkJava complete see repo
- Start PythonSharp based on previous AjPython complete see repo
- Start SimpleTree complete see repo

New resolutions:

- Continue AjTalkJava
- Continue AjLang (Ruby-like in C#)
- Prepare and give a talk about Ruby and Code Generation
- Improve and samples AjGenesisRuby
- Refactor and samples in AjFabriqNode
- Continue DartSharp
- Prepare a talk about metaprogramming in Ruby
- Refactor, improve samples AjTalkJs
- Write a post about TDD

As usual, interesting topics and fun for me!

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez


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