Javascript: Links, News And Resources (4)

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More links about this dynamic and ubiquitous programming language:

addyosmani / todomvc
MV* Todo apps for Backbone.js, JavaScriptMVC, Ember.js, Dojo, Spine.js, YUILibrary, Knockout.js and more

ThreeNodes.js: A Visual WebGL Scene Editor

Lungo.js, framework para hacer WebApps

Organizing Your Backbone.js Application With Modules

In Metro what is the recommended method of converting a JSON string into a JavaScript object?

JSON and eval

SignalRChat – Using RxJS to add live notificaitons

Handling doesNotUnderstand in Jtalk

WinJS Promise sample

Javascript Object Definition

JavaScript Strict Mode

cross-browser testing platform, automate away your QA

Create your first Metro style app using JavaScript

The best way to teach the web is with the web.
Create interactive live-coding presentations.

Scaling Isomorphic Javascript Code

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