New Month’s Resolutions: August 2012

Path month I was very busy with three new private projects, and preparing and giving a talk about quantum physics. So, my technical results are a bit red 😉

– Continue AjTalkJava pending pending
– Continue AjLang (Ruby-like in C#) pending
– Prepare and give a talk about Ruby and Code Generationpartial
– Improve and samples AjGenesisRuby pending
– Refactor and samples in AjFabriqNode pending
– Continue DartSharp pending
– Prepare a talk about metaprogramming in Ruby partial
– Refactor, improve samples AjTalkJs pending
– Write a post about TDD complete see post

This new month I should put focus on preparing my talks for Python Argentina:

– Start to prepare talk Python Argentina
– Work on PythonSharp
– Write a new post about TDD
– Continue to prepare a talk about code generation in Ruby
– Start to prepare talk about distributed applications (examples in NodeJs)

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

One thought on “New Month’s Resolutions: August 2012

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