TDD: Links, News And Resources (3)

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More links about one of my favorites topics:

Extending jQuery with QUnit assertions

Flipping the Bit
There’s a bit you need to flip in your head. It’s just one bit. In this blog we’ll call it “THE BIT”. Some of you have already flipped THE BIT. The rest of you need to flip THE BIT as soon as possible.
What is THE BIT? THE BIT is the boolean variable within your subconscious that represents your belief that unit tests take time.

Unit Testing Myths and Practices

TDD as if You Meant It
Keith Braithwaite conducts a tutorial class on TDD based on the following technique: Add a test, See it fail, Make all tests pass, Refactor, and Repeat until done.

Purpose Driven Development – PDD

Gerbil, un framework TDD para JavaScript en 249 líneas

RSpec 2.8: The Popular Ruby BDD Tool Goes Supersonic

Unit Testing with Knockout.js

ARCast.TV – Test Driven Development Primer with Peter Provost

Unit Testing ASP.Net Http Handlers and a discussion of Auto Mocking and the Testable pattern

Conway’s Game of Life in haXe [NME & MassiveUnit]

caolan / nodeunit
Easy unit testing in node.js and the browser, based on the assert module

backbone.js tutorial

getting started for tdd using jasmine and backbone.js

Developing UI in JavaScript using TDD Principles

Let’s Code Jumi #105: Parameterized Tests (Part 3)

TDD Proven Effective! Or is it?

Mocks, Stubs and Fakes: it’s a continuum

Convention-over-Configuration in an Agile World

Essential Test-Driven Development: Just Say No to Unit-Testing



TDD on Grails

My Links

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Angel “Java” Lopez

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