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TDD is part of my daily tools. More links about how to do TDD with different technologies:

[node.js] Getting started with nodeunit « I Prefer Jim
The following code is part of the testing chapter I previously worked on in my fork of Mastering Node.Throughout this post, you’ll see references to files from a relative directory. If you clone my fork of Mastering Node, these file locations are relative to the root directory of that cloned …

Tdd on the rocks
Presentacion usada durante el coding dojo de TDD on the Rock en Agiles@BsAsPresentacion usada durante el coding dojo de TDD on the Rock en Agiles@BsAs

Newsletter Marzo 2012 |
¡Gracias nuevamente por leer nuestra newsletter! Como en las ediciones anteriores, les recordamos que no dejen de anotarse en los cursos destacados que tenemos este año, como el de Jurgen Appelo sobre Management 3.0 y el de Hernán Wilkinson sobre Al mismo tiempo les comentamos que este mes hemos …

Testing Private State and Mocking Dependencies – How To Node – NodeJS
During Christmas I’ve been working on SlimJim and found some tricks how to make my testing life easier. It’s nothing special at all, just a simple way how to access private state of a module and how to mock out some dependencies. I’ve found these two techniques pretty usefull, so I believe it might …

How to mock the Request on Controller in ASP.Net MVC?

Fabio Pereira » Testing Pyramid – A Case Study
Test automation is prevalent in the software development community. Practices like TDD and BDD are widespread and applied almost unquestionably. However, several organisations have struggled in attempting to scale automated test suites, which very often become slow, brittle, non-deterministic, …

Be Genius
I am an Australian software craftsman living and working in Chicago. I strongly advocate open-source software and the community around it. I currently work primarily in Ruby and Rails but have recently been doing more and more Javascript and Clojure. I use Vim.Having maintainable code is great. …

Getting started with Jasmine tests in FubuMVC applications
These tags look unfamiliar. Their meaning is explained in the bindings file: this.Asset() is a method that adds a script/css to the list of assets of the page. Note that it produces no output; in order to write all scripts (together with their dependencies), you have to call or, using our bindings, …

Screencast: Coding Conway’s Game of Life in Ruby the TDD Way with RSpec
Recently, there have been many screencasts of people coding things in real time. Yesterday, Ryan Bigg released a video of him implementing Conway’s Game of Life from scratch by reading through the ‘rules’ and then using RSpec to take a test driven approach to fleshing out the functionality.Ryan is …

InfoQ: Unit Testing on Mobile Devices with .NET/Mono
An ongoing problem with specialized platforms is the lack of support for unit testing. Developers are forced to compromise the quality of their tests or their build process in order to get anything working. Recently MonoTouch has made progress in this area, but Windows Phone and Mono for Android …

C#: Builder pattern still useful for test data at Mark Needham
I had thought that with the ability to use the new object initalizer syntax in C# 3.0 meant that the builder pattern was now no longer necessary but some recent refactoring efforts have made me believe otherwise.My original thought was that the builder pattern was really useful for providing a …

How to apply what you’ve learned from TDD to writing data migrations
After doing TDD full time for years, I have a hard time writing code without a test. One example that I find particularly difficult is writing data migrations.Some schema changes require more than just setting a default value for all existing rows. For example, let’s say you have this schema:If you …

¡Hola TDD! Kata-Lonja
Creeme, se me da mejor hablar Ingles, que Español. Informate en El Kata InglesPorque programar solo esta pasado de moda. Si usas Eclipse, bajatelo en

David Chelimsky » Blog Archive » an introduction to RSpec – Part I
Here’s an introductory tutorial for those of you interested in getting started with RSpec.Behaviour Driven Development is an Agile development process that comprises aspects of Acceptance Test Driven Planning, Domain Driven Design and Test Driven Development. RSpec is a BDD tool aimed at TDD in the …

Getting Started with RSpec – Looking for tutorials

Alexander Beletsky’s Development Blog: New Tools in My TDD Arsenal
Recently my TDD arsenal has been enhanced with 3 new cool tools, which I’m about to share with you. More precisely it one tool and two frameworks. Let’s go for it.NCrunch is just amazing extension for Visual Studio created by @remcomulder. It automatically detects all your tests and re-running …

Your tests are lying to you
Using mocks within your test suite has gone rather out of fashion. Programmers everywhere have been lamenting the fact that mock-based tests are becoming more and more brittle: they’re having to change the test code in multiple places each time there’s the slightest code change. In fact, they seem …

Abstracting away issues of HttpContext from your ASP.NET MVC controllers – Jeff …
I’ve noticed that I write software in one of three modes:I have to admit that second case isn’t the most clean of endeavors. While I’m generally happy with the forum app and the feedback I get for it, it needs some refactoring in places. The thing that bothers me the most is that a lot of the …

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub 2011-04 | Test Abstraction
In this article we illustrate several useful techniques you can use to improve your tests by increasing their level of abstraction.When doing TDD, the tests you create are the entry point into your system. Tests are where the coding starts. They are also how you drive changes into the system, …

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub 2012-01 | Unit Tests Are FIRST
A unit test is a small automated test, coded by a programmer, that verifies whether or not a small piece of production code—a unit—works as expected in isolation. The moniker unit test was popularized with the advent of tools such as SUnit (for Smalltalk) and JUnit. The XP crowd used the term to …

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | PragPub 2011-11 | Test-Driven Development
Test-driven development (TDD) is a programmer practice that’s been employed by a growing number of software development teams for the past dozen years. Does TDD impact you personally? If you’re a manager, what should you expect from teams using TDD? How do you know if they’re doing a good job? Is …

Sustainable Test-Driven Development: Lies, Damned Lies, and Code Coverage
Amir Kolsky and Scott Bain are authors, trainers, and consultants who specialize in Test-Driven Development, Design Patterns, and Emergent Design.Amir and Scott are both senior consultants at Net Objectivesand are currently co-authoring the book “Sustainable Test-Driven Development”

Sustainable Test-Driven Development
Amir Kolsky and Scott Bain are authors, trainers, and consultants who specialize in Test-Driven Development, Design Patterns, and Emergent Design.Amir and Scott are both senior consultants at Net Objectivesand are currently co-authoring the book “Sustainable Test-Driven Development”

Writing an API Wrapper in Ruby with TDD | Nettuts+
Sooner or later, all developers are required to interact with an API. The most difficult part is always related to reliably testing the code we write, and, as we want to make sure that everything works properly, we continuosly run code that queries the API itself. This process is slow and …

Excuse #5 – The Frequent Refactoring Excuse | The Code Sheriff

.NET to Ruby: Learning How to Write Tests, Part I » RubySource
If you’re a .NET developer who have been writing tests, this post may encourage you to continue doing so when working with Ruby. If, instead, you have not been writing tests, we must change that! I know I have mentioned this before, but I can’t stress enough how important it is.On my first years as …

NET to Ruby: Learning How to Write Tests, Part II » RubySource
Part 1 of this post covered my experiences in .NET when writing tests, and how that helped me getting productive in Ruby within a short period of time. Part 2 covers my experiences in Ruby, going from how I got started writing tests as soon as I started doing anything with Ruby, until my current …

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