Genetic Algorithms: Links and resources (1)

These days, I wrote a simple genetic algorithm in Javascript, runing at browser, and at server (Node.js), even with distributed load (see I should write a post about that code (my previous posts with experiments in C#), but first, I want to share some of my genetic algorithm links:

In the computer science field of artificial intelligence, a genetic algorithm (GA) is a search heuristic that mimics the process of natural evolution. This heuristic is routinely used to generate useful solutions to optimization and search problems. Genetic algorithms belong to the larger class of evolutionary algorithms (EA), which generate solutions to optimization problems using techniques inspired by natural evolution, such as inheritance, mutation, selection, and crossover.

Robocode with JGAP

Andy’s Genetic Programming- GPQuick and Doodle Garde

Genetic Algorithms: Cool Name & Damn Simple

Local Optimization Software

E-Book "Global Optimization Algorithms — Theory and Application"
This book elaborates on many of the basic principles in global optimization, Evolutionary Algorithms, and Genetic Programming.

Evolvable Hardware

Genetic A/B Testing with JavaScript

Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
Genetic Programming: Evolution of Mona Lisa

Time for Genetic Programming?

Help! My Product Development is Going TOO FAST
Use evolution: We can build a machine that evolves the product by user-testing variations.

Discipulus 5 Genetic Programming Predictive Modelling
Genetic Algorithm Library


Genetic Algorithms

An Introduction to Genetic Algorithms In Java

Survival of the Fittest: Natural Selection with Windows Forms
What is Genetic Programming?

Genetic Algorithms

Global Optimization Toolbox

Travelling salesman problem
A C++ Library of Genetic Algorithm Components

My Links

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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