Daily Archives: October 2, 2012

New Month’s Resolutions: October 2012

Time to review past month resolutions and write down the new ones:

– Give a talk about distributed applications [complete] see Spanish post
– Give a talk about TDD for .NET [complete] see Spanish post
– Continue working on PythonSharp [complete] see repo
– Continue preparing the talk about code generation in Ruby complete
– Continue preparing my talk for Python Argentina complete
– More work on AjConsorSite [complete] see repo
– Work on AjContab (PHP version) [complete] see repo
– Work on AjTalk for Java [complete] see repo

Additionally, I was working on GameServer see post (Spanish) see repo

Resolutions for October:

– Give a talk about programming languages in Javascript
– Give a talk about Node.js/Socket.io realtime web applications
– Work on PythonSharp
– Work on AjTalk for Java
– Work on AjConsorSite
– Work on GameServer

The two planned talks are big commitments to me. And I will present my work on PythonSharp at PyCon Argentina (November).

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez