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Expresso is a JavaScript TDD framework written for nodejs. Expresso is extremely fast, and is packed with features such as additional assertion methods, code coverage reporting, CI support, and more.
Automating UI Tests In WPF Applications

hjwp / Test-Driven-Django-Tutorial
source code & text for a tutorial on using doing TDD django

Effective Mockito Part 1
Emulating “self types” using Java Generics to simplify fluent API implementation
When TDD Fails
…The more generic it is (dependency-inject the calendar!), the better…. <– I disagree. TDD doesn’t push for it
…Typical MVC controller methods (actions) are a good example of this issue…. <– I disaree.
…but it really isn’t if you use all that added code just for tests and don’t do anything with it in your actual application. … <– I disagree. It’s not the case if you pursue use case implementation!
…Anything that is not testable is bad design. …. <– I disagree. TDD doesn’t go for testability, but for grow software.

Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests

The Desktop Fishbowl
Charles blogs all the random nerd stuff he can find.

Six Rules of Unit Testing
Lightweight JS unit testing using the V8 engine

Why You Don’t Get Mock Objects
Although the Ruby community has embraced TDD like no other community ever has, we have always looked at mock objects with disdain, and perhaps even a little hatred….

When TDD Fails
See the comments. Discuss.

Standalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript. No dependencies, works with any unit testing framework.


Best books about TDD
The Primer Factors Kata

seattlerb / minitest
minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities supporting TDD, BDD, mocking, and benchmarking.

orfjackal / tdd-tetris-tutorial
Tutorial for learning TDD. You make a Tetris game by writing code to pass the test cases.

Learning Test Driven Development (TDD) through katas
Downloadable Katas

TDD Exercise Ideas
Welcome to TDD Problems!
The aim of this site is to contain a growing collection of software problems well-suited for the TDD-beginner and apprentice to learn Test-Driven Development through problem solving.
Test Driven Single Page Web Applications
by @jfroma
Desafios de Programacion

Seven Steps to Great Unit Test Names
Addy Osmani on JavaScript, Debugging and Testing
Addy Osman shares his experience from working on popular open source JavaScript libraries and frameworks. He also gives many tips about testing, debugging and maintaining big JavaScript projects.

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