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TDDD: Test-Driven Development Dojo en Sevilla 1/4

Introducción a IWT2 Dojo US. 5 noviembre 2.012

IWT2 DojoUs. 05 octubre 2012. Ejercicio: Sokoban

IWT2 Dojo US. Introducción a TDD. 5 octubre 2012
Desarrollo de Videojuegos Dirigido por Pruebas

C#: How do I use Assert (Unit Testing) to verify that an exception has been thrown?

Effective Mockito Part 3

FEST is a collection of APIs, released under the Apache 2.0 license, whose mission is to simplify software testing. It is composed of various modules, which can be used with TestNG or JUnit.

Why You Don’t Get Mock Objects

What I’ve Learned About Testing Over the Last Year

Functional TDD: A Clash of Cultures

The Day the QA Department Died

What are the most widely used .NET practices and tools?

Refactoring: Replace Conditional with Polymorphism

Introduction To JavaScript Unit Testing

The Best Approach to Software Development

Classic TDD or “London School”?

Testability and Entity Framework 4.0

lshimokawa / codingdojo
Boilerplate code for starting Coding Dojos, each folder contains a unit testing framework configured with an initial test.

How test-driven development works (and more!)

Walkthrough: Using TDD with ASP.NET MVC

The ROI of Test-Driven Development

Testing ASP.NET MVC Views, from New Project to the Build Server

bigeasy / proof
A test non-framework for Node.js

03×02 Mock, Stub, Spy y otras hierbas con Carlos Ble

Video: BDD, por Jorge Gamba, desde el Campus Party Colombia

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