MongoDB: Links, News, and Resources (1)

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Getting Started Guide – Node.js with Storage on MongoDB


Cassandra vs MongoDB vs CouchDB vs Redis vs Riak vs HBase vs Membase vs Neo4j comparison

KABA-CCEAC / nodeEventStore
EventStore Implementation in node.js

MongoDB and Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

Azure price cuts, bigger databases, now with node.js and MongoDB support, Hadoop on its way

MongoGraph Brings Semantic Web Features to MongoDB Developers

Is MongoDB a good alternative to RDBMs databases (like Oracle and Mysql)?

Is MongoDB a Good Alternative to RDBMs Databases?

Rails Caching Benchmarked: MongoDB, Redis, Memcached

Getting Started with MongoDB – Part 1

MongoDB Intro & Application for Big Data

Availability and Operational Stability of NoSQL

Taking Notes Episode 142: 2011.11.17 – A View Into the World of NoSQL, with Mark Myers

Clojure on Heroku with Noir and Mongo in 10 minutes

The Joy of Indexing

TOTD #166: Using NoSQL database in your Java EE 6 Applications on GlassFish – MongoDB for now!

The elephant in the room … Hadoop and BigData!

NoRM – Bringing MongoDB to .NET, LINQ, and Mono

MongoDB at Foursquare: Practical Data Storage

NoSQL: Getting started with MongoDB and NoRM

NoSQL Databases: What, Why, and When

Calipso is a simple content management system, built along similar themes to Drupal and WordPress, that is designed to be fast, flexible and simple … and of course this site is running on Calipso!
Using Node.Js and MongoDb

The MongoDB Gamut: Four App Designs

Integrating ELMAH with MongoDB

Implementing Basic Replication from MySQL to MongoDB

ASP.NET Providerless Custom Forms Authentication, Roles and Profile with MongoDb

Hoptoad, the cloud, and the pond ahead
“In order to display exception details quickly, we decided to make use of MongoDB, removing temporary file system and S3 storage alltogether. ”

Scaling with MongoDB

What The Heck Are You Actually Using NoSQL For?

MongoDB basic queries

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