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November 21, 2012

Game Development: Links, News, Resources (3)

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Recently, I was working on isometric games using HTML5 canvas. There is a lot ideas to implement (distributed game processing, artificial intelligence, etc.). Now, more links I found interesting about game development:

Kinect Is Coming to Windows Feb 1

Cut the Rope

What 2012 holds for social gaming

Asteroides : Codea Game – iPad 2


Gamification is Productivity, NOT (Just) Fun and Games

Corona SDK, una herramienta de desarrollo para iOS, Android y Kindle Fire

Game Developer Meets Demand and Prepares for Success with Scalable Cloud Solution

Writing an iPhone Game Engine (Part 7- Postmortem)

Platform Updates for Games Developers

QuakeCon 2011 – John Carmack Keynote

It’s ready when it’s ready, dammit!

Parallel Implementations
by John Carmack

Static Code Analysis
by John Carmack

Creating a Multiplayer Game with Sockets in C#

Canvas Tutorial

Gamification’s Three Disciplines

MonoGame: XNA multi-plataforma

Indie game Minecraft receiving over 240 million logins every month

Windows Azure Tookkit for Social Games 1.1 RELEASED

ThreeNodes.js: A Visual WebGL Scene Editor

The making of the Xbox: How Microsoft unleashed a video game revolution (part 1)



NGD and Regnum Online: past, present, and future

NGD Studios’ Andrés Chilkowski on Bunch of Heroes, Regnum Online & Designing Game Engines

NGD Studios

Anatomy of a Windows Phone Game Project

Erlang, the big switch in social games

Kinect unleashed for commercial Windows apps

Duck Hunt via HTML5 + JavaScript
with level creator

My Links

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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