Game Development: Links, News, Resources (6)

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Building a Real-Time Location-Based Urban Geofencing Game with, Redis, Node.js and Sinatra Synchrony
How we planned, built and tested a truly real-time location-based game with, Redis, Node.js, and what we learned along the way.

Light Table
An Open Software project in San Francisco, CA by Chris Granger

ibdknox / live-cljs
a clojurescript version of bret victor’s editable game

Bidirectional binary streams with WebSocket

Graphwar Tutorial
Graphwar is an artillery game in which you must hit your enemies using mathematical functions.

Game development company

Rapid game development
Chilly Framework is a platform for HTML5 game development.

Basic Programming and Game Development with Scratch

Achieving Performance: An Approach to Optimizing a Game Engine

robashton / MolyHole

Node.js experiment: MMO Asteroids

Will the Next Generation of Top Guns Be Gamer Geeks? The Unmanned X-47B Makes Its First Flight

Kinect Star Wars

The life of a Sim in SimCity

Spaceship Pilot
Node.js, accelerometer, HTML5

Battlefield Simulator

Zynga compra la compañía OMGPOP por 180 millones de dólares

Learning Python: Child’s Play with RUR-PLE!

Lessons learned building a multiplayer game in NodeJS and WebGL

cocos2d is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications. It is built over pyglet. It provides some conventions and classes to help you structure a "scene based application".

C# y OpenGL (Parte I: Inicialización de OpenGL)

SharpGL: A C# OpenGL Class Library

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