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I was very busy improving my AjTalk Smalltalk VM C# version (see repo). I should write posts about the new features I added. Meanwhile, more links about Smalltalk (I would like to implement a web server and a web framework over AjTalk, inspired by Aida, Seaside, Comanche or Swazoo).

Aida/Web Smalltalk Web Framework and Application Server
This is how the Web works! Be on the web frontiers with Smalltalk, try Aida/Web!Aida is a Smalltalk web application framework for building complex web applications with latest seamlesly integrated HTML5 technologies for today’s real-time web. MVC, REST, Mobile, WebSocket, you name it!Start with our …

Seaside (software) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Seaside is a free and open source web application framework for developing web applications in Smalltalk.Seaside provides a component architecture in which web pages are built as trees of individual, stateful components, each encapsulating a small portion of a page. Seaside uses continuations to …

Iliad – Home
The Smalltalk web framework for developing modern applications with ease.
Defining methods – GNU Smalltalk User’s Guide
We have created a class, but it isn’t ready to do any work for us—we have to define some messages which the class can process first. We’ll start at the beginning by defining methods for instance creation:The best way to describe how this method works is to step through it. Imagine we sent a message …

Blog de Leo De Marco: U8 – A platform for social development with Smalltalk
Finally U8 has arrived! I have been working on U8 with Elvio Fernandez, Miguel Isasmendi, Matias Castilla and Alejandro Reimondo since september 2011. During that days Ale presented to Smalltalking the S8 platform and decided that is going to have a MIT licence.

Practical Git for Smalltalk
Last main talk of the conference – Dale Henrich’s on using Git with Smalltalk. Caveats:What about the stock stuff, like ENVY, Store, and Monticello? High cost of porting the tools between dialects, and they tend to be tightly coupled with their “home” toolsets. The implementation as it exists now …

Smalltalk? A quién le puede importar by Leandro Caniglia on Prezi

Squeak Quick Reference
squeakland : home of squeak etoys
In addition to its educational applications, eToy shows also how an end-user programming (EUP) system may be seamlessly integrated into an object-oriented programming environment.

Nautilus: the reborn of the SystemBrowser? « Mariano Martinez Peck
I have always had a problem regarding Pharo: how to help/collaborate with its developement while still be as much productive as possible? The thing is that to help you usually need to work with the bleeding edge. To help, an easy way is to just use it and report/fix the problems you find while …

Moving contexts and debuggers between images with Fuel « Mariano Martinez Peck
Hi guys. During ESUG 2011, at the Awards, I was showing Fuel. The week before such event I was thinking what I could show to the people. This was a challenge because showing a serializer can be plain boring. I was working at home that afternoon, and suddenly I thought: “What happens if I try to …

ExperimentalBit « Mariano Martinez Peck
Last days I needed to migrate some old code I used to have in the VM for tracing objects usage. Luc Fabresse also wanted to be able to set and get the value of a bit in the object header to do some experiments. So…we thought it was a good idea to make it abstract and public. So….the following is …

SqueakSource — Magritte, Pier and Related Tools
Welcome to SqueakSource, the smart Monticello code-repository of Lukas Renggli dedicated to Magritte, Pier and related tools.

Software Architecture for Smalltalk Web Applications that Scale
Since airflowing started commercial operations in august last year, people started asking questions about the internals of our web applications. Things like what are you using to develop that software? or… how are you configuring things server side? What they want to know about is the Software …

S8 in the Concrete Jungle – comp.lang.smalltalk | Google Groups
There is a lot of topics to talk about, the topic of most interest (to us) is to explain what we are doing with S8. A breaf description of our regional point of view about OT and Smalltalk, and our proposal of a modern formulation of development using Smalltalk will be the starting point of the …

U8 – Smalltalk 8
If you are looking for the source code; register here (it is free), all the images provided by U8 service contains the minimal code of S8.For more details on “How to use S8”; feel free to contact Ale and/or the U8 Team.If you use U8 platform to do social working using Smalltalk, you already have … Persistence
When building an application with Seaside, one often has a need to persist data. There are a lot of different technological solutions for this problem. This document should help you decide what is the right solution for you.The number of different possible solutions is large:Seaside is available on …

Simple Image Based Persistence in Squeak
One of the nicest things about prototyping in Smalltalk is that you can delay the need to hook up a database during much of your development, and if you’re lucky, possibly even forever.It’s a mistake to assume every application needs a relational database, or even a proper database at all. It’s all …

Pharo Networking by Example
Invited Speaker at the first “Deep into Smalltalk” spring school. 7-11 march 2011. The pdf of this slides is also available onlie at: Speaker at the first “Deep into Smalltalk” spring school. 7-11 march 2011. The pdf of this slides is …

Welcome to U8!
A platform for social development with Smalltalk. You can join this community sharing your expertice, experiences and dreams to make Smalltalk a comfortable environment to execute your objects everywhere. U8 is an open and global service capable to evolve with your help. Use U8 to show the world …

Preparing Smalltalk for Cloud Foundry « Programming Gems (on GemStone)
In our last post we looked at how to add Perl as a runtime and framework to Cloud Foundry and in this post we examine some of the challenges raised by adding Smalltalk to Cloud Foundry. As part of exploring these issues, we set up a client Smalltalk environment that will be used to push an …

Ruby is the New Smalltalk « QuickSilver Smalltalk

Why I love Ruby (Part 1)
So, it occurred to me that so far, my posts (both of them) have been pretty negative. So I thought today, instead of ranting about something I detest, I’d rave about something I love. And that something is Ruby. I looooove Ruby. I got into Ruby because of the Rails web application framework, but my …

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