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New Month’s Resolutions: December 2012

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The last month of the year! Time to write my new month’s resolutions. First, let’s review the past month ones:

– Work on PythonSharp [complete] see repo
– Give a talk about Implementing Python at PyCon 2012 (Argentina) [complete] see Spanish post
– Work on AjTalk for Java [pending]
– Work on AjTalk for Javascript [pending]
– Work on BasicScript (I want to use it in an example for my GameServer project) [partial] only demos
– Start .md pages Java tutorial (Spanish) [partial] only browsing/classifying my existing tutorial
– Start .md pages Node.js tutorial [pending]

Instead of AjTalk for Java or Javascript, I was working a lot on my C# version

– Work on AjTalk for C# [complete] see repo

I will gave one-day Node.js course and one poscast, then, these are my new resolutions:

– Work on PythonSharp
– Work on AjTalk for C#
– Give a Node.js course
– Start .md pages Java tutorial

I hope to write posts about the new AjTalk C# features and examples (load/save image, a web server, traits, tests with assert, environments, etc…)

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez