Smalltalk: Links, News And Resources (5)

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I’m working adding features in my Smalltalk VM implementation (C# version, see repo). I should write posts about my work. Now, more of my links about Smalltalk:

Design Principles Behind Smalltalk

Simulating the Interpreter

Dr. Alan Kay on the Meaning of “Object-Oriented Programming”

The Croquet Project
The Croquet Project was an international effort to promote the continued development of the Croquet open source software development kit to create and deliver deeply collaborative multi-user online applications.

Alan Kay – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

F-Script Home

MagLev – Ruby that scales
MagLev is a fast, stable, 64-bit open source implementation of the Ruby programming language and libraries built on top of VMware’s GemStone/S 3.1 Virtual Machine.

Squeak Syntax

Extending the Squeak Virtual Machine

Getting Started with Redline Smalltalk

Jtalk, a Smalltalk for web developers

How to Create Smalltalk Scripts

Smalltalk Interchange Format

The Smalltalk-80 Implementation at Hewlett-Packard, in Smalltalk-80: bits of history, words of advice

Producer: A tool for translating Smalltalk-80 to Objective-C

Learning from Biology
Alan Kay

50th Anniversary of Objects?
Alan Kay

Programming and Scaling
Alan Kay

Styled Text Editor for Cuis 4.0 Smalltalk

Cuis and GitHub

DYLA 2012: Dyla 2012
6th Workshop on Dynamic Languages and Applications.

About SOUL » The SOUL program query language
Query and inspect your Java, Smalltalk, C and Cobol programs.

ESUG: 2012 – 20th International Smalltalk Conference

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Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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