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These days, I added features to my AjTalk Smalltalk VM (C# version): a simple web server module, a WebSide module (a la Seaside), a Templates module (for code/text generation), a simple web server using templates, a null object, etc…. See repo. But before writing posts describing those works, I share more links about Smalltalk:

The Bootstrap Chronicles Chapter 1 – Preparing the soil

Bootstrapping: finding the missing link

Maui — A user-interface builder for Smalltalk

Tektronix 4404 Smalltalk Demo

Closing a phase. Good bye GSoC

Writing Parsers with PetitParser

Pharo by Example 2

Hardware Hacking With Squeak

Eve Track

pmon / Cuis-ProfStef
ProfStef for Cuis Smalltalk

SergeStinckwich / PlayerST
Player/Stage client for Smalltalk
Smalltalk Television Video Collection | Applications | WebClient/WebServer

jvuletich / Cuis
Cuis is a free Smalltalk-80 environment originally derived from Squeak with a specific set of goals: being simple and powerful. It is also portable to any platform, fast and efficient. This means it is a great tool for running on any hardware, ranging from supercomputers to tablets and smart phones, and everything in between, including regular PCs.

maxwell’s equations of software

Standard input in Pharo?

How to write inline C code

Smalltalk for Lispers

garduino / Cuis-Cryptography
Crypto classes for Cuis (Ported from Squeak, Pharo or written from scratch).

Producer: A tool for translating Smalltalk-80 to Objective-C

The Smalltalk-80 Implementation at Hewlett-Packard, in Smalltalk-80: bits of history, words of advice (1983)

How to Create Smalltalk Scripts

Smalltalk Interchange Format

My Links

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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