COBOL: Links, News And Resources (2)

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COBOL on Cogs

Java is becoming the new Cobol

IBM Mainframes
Online IBM Reference Manuals



COBOl Tutorials

The aim of this COBOL tutorial site is to give the basics of the COBOL programming language for anyone who knows a little bit about computers (not much) and preferably will at least have come across another procedural progamming language such as C, QBASIC or Pascal.

COBOL Programming Tutorial

COBOL programming – tutorials, lectures, exercises, examples

Compile Online

The SOUL program query language
Query and inspect your Java, Smalltalk, C and Cobol programs.

When Did That Happen?
Grace Murray Hopper and Automatic Coding

COBOL Reborn
(2005) "COBOL is like an invisible giant. There’s reported to be 180 billion-200 billion lines of code out there, processing 75% of commercial business. Few companies are keen to throw away the hundreds or thousands of man-years that have been invested in mature, high-performance COBOL code. Instead, they are integrating and building bridges between COBOL, .NET and J2EE [Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition], using service-oriented architectures to preserve the strengths of the legacy code while benefiting from Web-oriented development tools,"

Universal Cobol Compiler
The Universal COBOL Compiler (UCC) is a Java-based COBOL to Java bytecode cross-compiler. It’s made up of a COBOL compiler, a Java-based COBOL runtime, and a package for manipulating Java class files.

The COB2J® translator is a family of Microsoft Windows cross compiler programming tools that accepts many COBOL source code dialects and translates them to JAVA or J#. The translation process is a simple turn key process with minimal user intervention. The translator output is JAVA or J# code that is ready to be tested with the target compiler. Simply run your COBOL code through the translator and start debugging JAVA code with your target compiler.

isCOBOL Evolve
By compiling COBOL code into Java, isCOBOL software allows your organization to retain and enhance valuable COBOL application and development assets, while taking full advantage of the Java technology platform in deployment.

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