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Seaside + jQuery Mobile

Agent-based simulations

StepTalk is the official GNUstep scripting framework that represents separate scriptable servers or applications as a single object environment. It is meant to be independent of the programming language used; its default language is Smalltalk on top of the Objective-C runtime.


Spoon 3 beta 2 (“Usable By Humans”) released
A different way to group different existent packages / classes for specific goal.

Decomposing the Ulam spiral

martinmcclure / mist
Mist is a project to create a Smalltalk variant that is implemented without a virtual machine, is implemented without depending on any other language, is simple, consistent, and is reasonably fast.

Seaside Statefulness: Call-and-Answer

Seaside without Continuations?

Are continuations a key feature in Seaside?

Seaside: Continuations and Subroutine Calls


A lightweight, image based, encapsulated development environment based around Smalltalk, specifically, “A Little Smalltalk” version 3.0 by Timothy A. Budd

Little Smallscript is a dialect of Smalltalk that compiles into JavaScript.

VA Smalltalk Videos

U8 Newsletter

LSW Vision Smalltalk & DNG!topic/comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin/c-5kV_pKleg

ESUG European Smalltalk User Group 2012 – 20th International Smalltalk Conference

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