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an interactive sketchpad

gabrielflorit / livecoding
live coding interactive sketchpad

django-lean aims to be a collection of tools for Lean Startups using the Django platform. Currently it provides a framework for implementing split-test experiments in JavaScript, Python, or Django template code along with administrative views for analyzing the results of those experiments.

[Python-ideas] re-implementing Twisted for fun and profit
by Guido van Rossum

Guido van Rossum
Wanted: experts in Twisted, Tornado, asyncore or other Python async APIs (greenlets/gevent, Stackless, libevent all welcome!).

Proyecto CDPedia
CDPedia, la historia

Hello, Little Turtles!

Seven ways to use Python’s new turt Decalz – Snaky (vodpod) | Lockerz

Learning Python

Writing great documentation
I love Django’s documentation. It clocks in at about 700 pages printed, and most of it is clear, concise, and helpful. I think Django’s among the best documented open source projects, and nothing makes me prouder.

#pythonIO presentación de Python


PEP 380: Syntax for Delegating to a Subgenerator
PEP 380 adds the yield from expression, allowing a generator to delegate part of its operations to another generator.

Python 3.3.0

The random module

In Python We Trust

Mini-languages in Python

Creating Domain Specific Languages in Python

Online Python Tutor
LEARN programming by visualizing code execution

An Introduction to Distutils

Programación Python con Robots – charla abierta

Create a Python game for the Raspberry Pi

Emacs as a Python IDE

PyDay CBA 2012

machinalis / django-template-previewer
This is a django app to be used in development environments only. Its purpose is to allow template writers to preview rendering of the templates providing a handcrafted context, without having to write view code.

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