Bioinformatics: Links, News and Resources (1)

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Bioinformatics has many interesting problems, algorithms and software, related to parallelism, distributed computing, scalability, and algorithms. This is my first list of links about this fascinating topic, more lists are coming.

Bioinformatics and the Future of Hadoop
The Future of Hadoop in Bioinformatics |

Clojure or Scala for bioinformatics/biostatistics/medical research – Stack Overflow

Riding the Elephant | The Molecular Ecologist

Protein Structure Methods and Algorithms

HPCwire: Scientists Ratchet Up Understanding of Cellular Protein Factory

Molecular Animation – Where Cinema and Biology Meet

Microsoft Research Makes Microsoft Biology Foundation and MODISAzure-Based Environmental Service

Bioinformatics Programming Using Python

Computer gamers crack protein-folding puzzle

Mapreduce and Hadoop Algorithms in Bioinformatics Papers | Abhishek Tiwari
Gamers beat algorithms at finding protein structures

Nature paper decision | Foldit

Microsoft Biology Foundation 1.0 Released – Parallel Programming with .NET

The Molecular Programming Project – Caltech – U

Boris Schmid, PhD

Research field: Biological Sciences – Bioinformatics
Theoretical / Systems Biology: modeling of evolution, population dynamics, epidemiology, immunology, virology, networks.

bioinformatics toolkit in clojure: what would that look like? – Clojure | Google Groups

Saaien Tist: Encounter with incanter – about clojure, incanter and bioinformatics

Paul W.K. Rothemund
I am interested in how processes in biology and chemistry can actually act as computers and execute molecular algorithms

Python and databases (Mysql and SQLite) « Python for Bioinformatics

DataAllure: Hadoop for DNA sequence analysis

Multi-core Parallelization in Clojure – a Case Study

Hadoop for Bioinfomatics – Deepak Singh on Vimeo

Analyzing Human Genomes with Hadoop » Cloudera Hadoop & Big Data Blog

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Angel “YesIHaveAGenoma” Lopez 🙂

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