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Distributed OTP Applications | Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!
Hey there, it appears your Javascript is disabled. That’s fine, the site works without it. However, you might prefer reading it with syntax highlighting, which requires Javascript!Although Erlang leaves us with a lot of work to do, it still provided a few solutions. One of these is the concept of …

Inaka Networks: Scaling Erlang
One of the most common reasons why people choose Erlang is to build highly scalable systems. And Erlang does a great job helping developers reach those goals. But creating a scalable system is not a matter of just writing it in Erlang. Here at Inaka we usually have complex systems written in Erlang …

Made of Bugs » Why node.js is cool (it’s not about performance)
For the past N months, it seems like there is no new technology stack that is either hotter or more controversial than node.js. node.js is cancer! node.js cures cancer! node.js is bad ass rock star tech!. I myself have given node.js a lot of shit, often involving the phrase “explicit …

Robust Composition: Towards a Unified Approach to Access Control and Concurrency…
A dissertation submitted to Johns Hopkins University in conformity with the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Baltimore, Maryland, May, 2006Copyright © 2006, Mark Samuel Miller. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this …

Open Source
Distributed Capabilities

This module is build upon Node JS and provides for the user the following features
A network distributed event system. Similar to node JS standard event system
A process pool, where objects can be added and ran at a periodic interval a predefined functions.
An auto-balancing system, that migrate objects in the process pool, from one running instance to another, based on the load of each instance.

Sensei DB
Open-source, distributed, realtime, semi-structured database

Amazon DynamoDB – a Fast and Scalable NoSQL Database Service Designed for Intern…
Today is a very exciting day as we release Amazon DynamoDB, a fast, highly reliable and cost-effective NoSQL database service designed for internet scale applications. DynamoDB is the result of 15 years of learning in the areas of large scale non-relational databases and cloud services. Several …

Galois Tech Talk (2 of 3 next week!): Model-based Code Generation and Debugging …
Design and implementation of distributed systems often involve many subtleties due to their complex structure, non-determinism, and low atomicity as well as occurrence of unanticipated physical events such as faults. Thus, constructing correct distributed systems has always been a challenge and …

How hadoop works.

Welcome to the Jungle « Sutter’s Mill
In the twilight of Moore’s Law, the transitions to multicore processors, GPU computing, and HaaS cloud computing are not separate trends, but aspects of a single trend – mainstream computers from desktops to ‘smartphones’ are being permanently transformed into heterogeneous supercomputer clusters. …

Richard Jones | Anti-RDBMS: A list of distributed key-value stores
Whatever your reasons, there are a lot of options to chose from. At Last.fm we do a lot of batch computation in Hadoop, then dump it out to other machines where it’s indexed and served up over HTTP and Thrift as an internal service (stuff like ‘most popular songs in London, UK this week’ etc).

YOW! 2011: Steve Vinoski – Riak Core, Erlang and Frisbee Freestyle | Charles | C…
Steve Vinoski is an architect at Basho Technologies in Cambridge, MA, USA. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the ACM. Steve is regarded as an expert in the areas of middleware and distributed computing systems, topics for which he has authored or co-authored over 80 articles, …

Fractals in Clojure – Distributed Buddhabrot Fractal Using ClojureScript (by Nur…
This one got started because I wanted a large Buddhabrot image on my wall. A large good looking image takes a long time to render, now that we have ClojureScript I thought easiest way to distribute the calculation among machines in the house would be to compile to JavaScript since I’ve already …

Models for distributed parallelism | Lambda the Ultimate
I’ve been reading left and right (including on this forum) looking for models of parallel computing that are relevant to what I’m dealing with, and frankly not finding much. I get the impression that most theory of parallel computing is about shared memory, and so a bunch of old ideas for SMPs gets …

Awelon aims to be a secure programming language for open, distributed systems programming – a domain where challenges include disruption, latency, adversaries and security concerns, network partitioning, efficiency, scalability, activity spikes (i.e. the so-called slashdot-effect and DDOS attacks), …

Clojure/core — Introducing Avout: Distributed State in Clojure
Today we are releasing Avout, which brings Clojure’s in-memory model of state to distributed application development by providing a distributed implementation of Clojure’s Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC) STM along with distributable, durable, and extendable versions of Clojure’s Atom and …

InfoQ: Distributed STM – A New Programming Model for the Cloud
In case you are having issues watching this video, please follow these simple steps to help us investigate the issue: 1. Right click on the video player and select Copy log2. Paste the copied information in an email to video-issue@infoq.com (clicking this link will fill in the default details in …

devdazed/partition.io – GitHub
P2P Distributed Workload for NodeJS

InfoQ: Distributed Cache as a NoSQL Data Store?
NoSQL data stores offer alternative data storage options for non-relational data types like document based, object graphs, and key-value pairs. Can a distributed cache be used as a NoSQL store? Greg Luck from Ehcache wrote about the similarities between a distributed cache and a NoSQL data store. ..

Distributed Podcast
In this episode we interviewed David Fowler and Damian Edwards who have created a great project called SignalR. This project is a signaling (or messaging) library which can be used to establish long-running connections between the browser and web server.Side note: This episode has been a long time …

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