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February 7, 2013

CQRS: Links, News And Resources (4)

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Let’s Scale Out CQRS Sample Project
CQRS Videos

SzymonPobiega / DDDSample.Net
A .NET implementation of Domain Driven Design (DDD) sample application based on Eric Evans’ examples included in his great book. Project is intended to be used in training, demonstration and experiments.

Bringing an MVC perspective to CQRS.
This article makes the point that the MVC and CQRS patterns are very similar. My hope is that with this “new” understating new development tools bringing the two patterns together can be developed to facilitate our programmers lives.

KABA-CCEAC / nodeEventStore
EventStore Implementation in node.js

Why Event Sourcing?
Event Sourcing is a concept that becomes increasingly popular day by day. Even ThoughtWorks has brought it into it’s latest Technology Radar. Let’s do a quick overview of ES one more time.

Why use Event Sourcing?

Autofac decorators look like a perfect fit for CQRS commands!topic/dddcqrs/JQtV_X8R0ro/discussion
Thinking Asynchronous – Domain Modeling using Akka Transactors – Part 1

Thoughts on Event Streams in Elastic Environments

CQRS: Sagas with Event Sourcing (Part II of II)


CQRS Command Testing With PHPSpec

Towards an immutable domain model – introduction (part 1)

ToJans / MinimalisticCQRS
CQRS for the lazy *ss

Aclarando CQRS (traducción)

p&p roadmap for the next few months

CQRS without the plumbing – Example app

ToJans / Scritchy
CQRS without plumbing

Scritchy BankAccount part 1 – CQRS without the plumbing

Episode 9: When To Avoid CQRS—Clarified

gregoryyoung / m-r
Simple CQRS example

CQRS Documents by Greg Young

CQRS is too complicated

Command-Query Separation on Windows Azure

Using and Abusing the CQRS EventStore

Thoughts around REST, DDD, and CQRS: Models, Queries, and Commands!topic/the-design-of-distributed-applications/8ilexg74fHc

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