Programming Languages, Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence

It’s time to write a post, explaining my personal interest in some topics, like programming languages, messaging, distributed computing and artificial intelligence. English is not my mother tongue, so I’m afraid of not to be capable to express all what I want to transmit, but I hope this post will shade some light on my development activities.

I’m sure that most of you are interested in such topics. They are interesting, and studying and exploring them is a lot of fun. As software developers, we usually like to play with: writing a new programming language, implementing an existing one, building distributed applications, etc.

But in my case, there is a common ground for all these works. For example, programming languages. The current programming languages should be extended to support a better, with less friction, serialization of simple objects (without behavior, simple messages), to have distributed applications. There are two ways of doing it: extending the language with new syntax, or adding new libraries (see Scala and Akka as examples). So, in order to have a better understanding of what it is needed,  I wrote my own interpreted language (AjSharp), extended Smalltalk (AjTalk) to run distributed objects, writing agents and actors-like demos (AjAgents, and agents in AjSharp), distributed messaging (as in AjFabriq) and exploring JavaScript with Node.js (SimpleMessages, SimpleQueue, MultiNodes, SimpleRemote, SimpleActors… ), to have all in place to have an easy way of writing and running distributed applications. Ok, there are plenty of other projects that I could use. I wrote my own ones to practice and to better understanding of the underlying problems and opportunities. And to have my own fun 🙂

But, why distributed computing? I’m convinced that is the path to explore to have new kind of applications. Fundamentally, applications that solve complex problem, that can be tackled using parallel computation, and horizontal scalability. Not only Big Data processing. There are life beyond analyze tweets in real-time. The idea is to attack artificial intelligence problems, using commodity hardware.

That is the big background picture on my development landscape: flexible programming languages; messaging to support distributed application communications; distributed applications for the next generation of problems to solve.

Yes, the next frontier. Where no man has gone before 😉

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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