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February 19, 2013

CQRS: Links, News And Resources (5)

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04×02 [Screencast] CQRS con Andrea Magnorsky (aka roundcrisis)

CQRS Around the World

CQRS Pocket Guide

CQRS Case Studies
Sample code for IDDD Book by Vaughn Vernon

CQRS Mind Map

UI Composition Techniques for Correct Service Boundires

How we got rid of the database–part 4
This is the fourth episode of a series of posts about how we do CQRS and event sourcing

Sample CQRS implementation in Java

CQRS in DDD Community

Announcing V1 Pseudo-Production Release
As part of our CQRS Journey we plan to have several pseudo-production releases of the Contoso Conference Management System so that we can explore the real-world issues of data-versioning and software updates in an application that implements the CQRS pattern in several bounded contexts.

debasishg / cqrs-akka
An implementation of CQRS using scalaz for functional domain models and Akka for event sourcing

CQRS with Akka actors and functional domain models


Project “a CQRS Journey”
There will be two, closely related, deliverables from this project: the source code for a complete, working reference implementation (an end-to-end sample app) that illustrates the key concepts, patterns, and approaches related to CQRS & ES, and a written guide to accompany the code, provide explanations, context, and references to other relevant material.

mspnp / cqrs-journey-code
Microsoft patterns & pratices CQRS Journey sample application
Microsoft’s CQRS Journey project to take community contributions

Focus for next iterations in Lokad.CQRS Sample Project

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