New Month’s Resolutions: March 2013

Time for review my February 2013 resolutions:

– Start SimpleDatabase [complete] see repo
– Update SimplePermissions [pending]
– Update SimpleStorm (implements ack, maybe integrate with MultiNodes) [pending]
– Update SimpleMapReduce [complete] see repo
– Update SimpleKeeper, leader, distributed example [complete] see repo
– Update AjFabriqNode, integrate with new SimpleMessages, maybe with MultiNodes [pending]
– Update MultiNodes [complete] see repo
– Update AjGenesisNode, to use global commands and tasks [pending]
– Give a full-day course about Node.js [complete] see Spanish post

Additionally, I was working on:

– Update Inmob [complete] see repo
– Update AjConsorSite [complete] see repo
– Update AjGroupsJs [complete] see repo
– Update SimpleBoard [complete] see repo
– Update SimpleChess [complete] see repo
– Update SimpleGo [complete] see repo
– Update NodeSamples [complete] see repo

My resolutions for March 2013:

– Start ClojSharp
– Start NodeAima
– Update AjGenesisRb
– Start RubySharp
– Update SimpleGo
– Update SimpleChess
– Update Inmob
– Update AjConsorSite

More work, more fun 😉

Keep tuned!

Angel “Java” Lopez

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