TDD: Links, News And Resources (8)

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Towards a Theory of Test-Driven Development | Java Code Geeks

jrcryer/phpunit-watchr · GitHub
Simple node app to watch a directory and run phpunit tests

Investing in your tests–A lesson in object composition | Josh Arnold’s Blog

The No Mocks Book « Arlo Being Bloody Stupid

James Shore: Blog: Lets-Play

Continuous Delivery with Maven and Go into Maven Central « Esko Luontola – Random Thoughts

Let’s Code « ORFJackal.NjET

On Being A Journeyman Software Developer: Roman Numerals Kata with Commentary

jaycfields/expectations · GitHub

SUnit Explained


Camp Smalltalk SUnit – Manual

What are the most widely used .NET practices and tools?

Test your JavaScript skills with js-assessment | Hey, designer!

TDD for legacy code, graphics code, and legacy graphics code?

c++ – Is it possibile to use TDD with image processing algorithms? – Stack Overflow

Backwards Is Forward: Making Better Games with Test-Driven Development | Games from Within

midje – ClojureSphere


Classic TDD or “London School”? – Software People Inspiring

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